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Football tournaments under way in Corozal

COROZAL TOWN, Tues. Sept. 18, 2018– This week, the Corozal Football Association (CFA) marked the 6th week of our ongoing U-15 Male and U-17 Male Tournaments. There are a total of 5 teams for the U-15 Male, and 10 teams for the U-17 Male tournaments. It has been going well; all teams trying to top the ranking scores.  In addition, this week we launched a U-17 Female and a U-10 Male/Female tournament. For the U-17 Females, we have a total of 4 teams; and there are 5 teams for the U-10 tournament.  Another success for Corozal!

Here are the results of games played over the weekend at the Carolina Football Field in Carolina Village, Corozal District.

Three games were played on Saturday, September 15: (U-15) Corozal Invaders clipped Rising Stars, 1-0; (U-17) Libertadores and Bacadia Warriors played to a 3-3 draw; and (U-17) Caledonia also drew, 3-3, with Progresso United.

A total of 8 games were played on Sunday: (U-15) Hiram Stars dropped Carolina FC, 1-0; (U-17) Corozal Rising Stars won, 2-1, over Falcons; (U-17) Hiram Stars shut out Ranchito Young Warriors, 3-0; (Female U-17) Libertadores blanked San Roman, 3-0; (Female U-17) Calcutta Strikers also beat Concepcion, 3-0; (U-10 M/F) Calcutta Strikers and Concepcion Hiram Stars drew, 3-3; (U-10 M/F) Corozal Rising Stars bombed Calcutta Bulls, 4-0; and (U-10 M/F) Calcutta Strikers also won, 4-nil, over Corozal Invaders.

 Below are the current standings/statistics for each participating club in the different tournaments.

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