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For Belize, let’s do it!

History has finally caught up with Belize: George Price, our Independence leader, had made it obvious that our nation was a CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY. What was plainly expressed in the PREAMBLE was repeated in a prayer dubbed “The National Prayer”. It said: “Almighty and Eternal God, who through Jesus Christ, has revealed your glory to all nations, please preserve and protect Belize our beloved country… “

Chapter 2 of the Constitution had made it abundantly obvious that our country could not descend to become a cheap dictatorship, by a most thorough dissertation on Human Rights — the clearest, most concise exposition I have ever read. Among other things, it made it abundantly clear that every right has concomitant duties and responsibilities.

The first time the United Democratic Party convened Parliament in 1984, it cast a big doubt about the Christian part of Christian democracy. They refused to start the new session of the National Assembly with the “National Prayer”.

Even when the PUP massively returned to power, the UDP continued the de-Christianizing of Belize. The UDP Leader of the Opposition took a case to court challenging the Catholic Church’s rule against “pregnancy out of wedlock” for its single teachers. The case was won, and no Red or Blue challenged it. Even the Church failed in its duty to the nation. As far as I know, no explanation was made that the ruling of the Court, simply, was a violation of the Constitution, in which, in its Preamble, moral supremacy of the family is assigned as the bedrock of our nation.

This was in spite of the brilliant exposure of the moral slippery slope that mankind was already plummeting down, as a result of the thinking of Western Man, that sex is for pleasure primarily. Much maligned, but steadfast, Pope Paul VI had proclaimed in an encyclical (letter to the world) that sex was designed by the Creator for PROCREATION and LOVE. Shamefully, regrettably, even bishops and priests scoffed at the Pope’s wisdom.

The moral mess in which we are quickly sinking ever deeper has been the result of our good people doing nothing to keep on proclaiming the truth. This decline will continue, as increasingly it is accepted that there is nothing special for a man and a woman to bind themselves together for the sake of raising a family. This decline happens everywhere and every time we allow childish, undisciplined voices to trick us into accepting half-truths, like “it takes a village to raise a child”. Yes, partly true, but the bedrock of a good family is DAD & MOM.

I wonder if any serious leader of the UDP has really taken time out to study the Preamble.

There have been marked moments when a Minister could have put a brake on the FOREIGN effort to paganize our country.

To promote the homosexual GENDER policy, our Minister of Education allowed the HFLE program to be taught in our schools. That included the ungodly assertion that every hole in your body is a part of the sexual system! Yes, to ensure submission and obedience to this new science, Minister Faber passed into law through the House the new Teachers Service law, which took the power of rule out of the hands of the Church and put it into his hands.
We Catholics accepted this without a whimper. Truth be told, some very prominent Catholics helped the Minister. Truth be told, I too failed you and the whole country, because I did not insist to see that Bill before the Catholic Church approved. The Bishop’s Committee accepted that Bill with the legalese trick, i.e.,”after consultation”, instead of “with the concurrence”.

Belize, don’t ever allow yourself to be tricked again like that. “After consultation” means that you simply must TELL another person your objections — not that the person given the power will comply with your wish when you object.

I continue to insist to all our politicians that, if it means anything, I shall not support any candidate or political party who does not commit to promote all the Judaeo-Christian principles enunciated by the Preamble of our Constitution. This time, let us not fail by SILENCE!

About a decade ago, I was a member of a commission that was deeply troubled about violence, especially from our young men. During a discussion, it was proposed that an official of the Human Services Department be asked to come to inform us of what was really happening.

This time, there was no shirking. I boldly asked instead that we invite a preacher brother to give us a lecture on the encyclical HUMANAE VITAE (OF Human Life). He objected, explaining, “it is irrelevant”. I thank God that He inspired me to rejoin: “Let us agree to disagree”.

Friends, the time has now come to be vocal. For too long, we have allowed foreign interests and greedy politicians to control us and create laws that enrich the powerful and squeeze the poor. We have the power; we have the power of our voice. Let us not be afraid now for our voices to be heard. But most of all, remember it’s the power of the Almighty that will reign supreme!

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