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Four years later, fugitive Vilma Guzman, 31, captured

After over three years since fleeing Belize after learning of her imminent re-arrest for the 2008 Belize Bank robbery in Corozal, Vilma Guzman, 31, a naturalized Belizean, is in the custody of police after they sighted her at the Belize Western Border Station this morning.
In 2008, police had detained and charged Guzman, a proof teller at the bank, and her boyfriend, Alex Arana, a truck driver, with robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. It was alleged that the couple had plotted the robbery.
Arana was charged additionally with aggravated burglary and unlawful imprisonment.
The charges were later withdrawn.
Later, however, the Director of Public Prosecutions gave directives for their re-arrest.
Somehow the couple learned of the order, and fled Belize.
Reportedly, Guzman was seen walking from the Melchor, Guatemala, border area towards the Belize Western Border Station.
She then boarded a Guatemalan tourist bus that was heading towards the Belize Western Border Station Customs cargo area.
Police intercepted the bus and immediately contacted Corozal police, who verified that Guzman was wanted in connection with the Corozal Town Belize Bank robbery.
Guzman presented her Guatemalan passport to the police, which stated her name to be Vilma Yolanda Zepeda Portillo. 
The Immigration Department has also learned about Guzman’s arrest. She will be taken to Corozal to answer to the charges.
On October 18, 2008 over $116,930 was stolen from the Belize Bank ATM in Corozal Town. A few hours later, police managed to detain two persons along with a large sum of money.
Reportedly, Guzman had taken an individual to the ATM. She then allegedly told the manager that the machine was not working properly
Once inside the ATM room, two armed men entered and allegedly forced them to take the money from the ATM.
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