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From The Publisher

PublisherFrom The Publisher

   A diaspora friend of mine last week e-mailed me some video footage of what looks like new weaponry developed by Lockheed Martin, an American company which specializes in military equipment. The weaponry was really awesome.

    Around the same time, the American cable television channels were reporting that the Russians had suffered the destruction of seven of their warplanes, the worst such one-day disaster for the Russians since World War II.

    It is reasonable to speculate that the Russian problem may have been caused by the Ukrainians’ making use of all the high-tech weaponry they have been given by the Americans.

    Meanwhile, the Russians have taken over the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine, and they are using said plant to store some of their war equipment. A successful Ukrainian attack on such a plant could result in massive nuclear catastrophe.

    Now all this is taking place for me around August 8, a day I was thinking may have been the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the United States in 1945. I did an online search and found that the United States had dropped atomic bombs (one each) on Hiroshima on August 6 and on Nagasaki on August 9 of 1945.

    Belizeans, you must note that the anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ignored by the American television stations we watch in Belize. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese died in the most horrible way you can imagine, and victims continued dying from the effects of the bombs for many years afterwards.

    Now a loyal American may argue that the Japanese were refusing to surrender, months after Germany had fallen to the Americans and the Russians, and months after the German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, had committed suicide, along with his mistress, at the end of April of 1945.

    The third Axis ally, Italy, had long since seen their Fascist leader, Benito Mussolini, run out of town by the Allies (the United Kingdom, the United States, and their allies such as the French Resistance forces.)

    Searching the online information on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, I discovered that the United States had been obliged to get permission from the British before bombing the two large Japanese cities. How interesting, beloved.

    It was also of great interest to me that Japan’s Emperor Hirohito did not announce his nation’s unconditional surrender, in a radio address, until August 15. Why did he take so long? All I can say is that the Japanese people have a historical culture of incredible militarism and bravery. If this is of interest to you, you should seek to read the novel SHOGUN, written by James Clavell, I believe.

    The testing for all these nuclear weapons took place in islands in the South Pacific — beautiful, pristine creations of Almighty God. The damage to the environment was horrific. You can watch the television channels of the “developed nations” of the world, and they do not speak about this.

    So now we are looking at this phenomenon they are calling “climate change.” I’m not a scientist. But it seems to me logical to assume that the atmosphere above planet earth has been severely compromised by all these nuclear tests and bombings carried out by the “developed nations” of the world, the same ones who send their missionaries to us to drill us in Judeo-Christianity. In fact, Israel, supposedly the chosen people of God, became a nuclear power some years ago.

    About fifteen or twenty years ago, I said to a very good friend of mine, that there are certain projects which are too big for Belize. My friend was vehement in his disagreement with my thesis. He did not feel anything was too big for Belize. A few days ago, I heard the PLUS TV Christians with the same type of thinking my friend had proposed to me: nothing was too big for Belize.

    But Don Hector Silva, who is a strong PLUS supporter, called the show to disagree with the “big projects” people. He noted the Dan Davis story in the 1950s, the Dan Ludwig story in the 1960s (I think), and one other example which I don’t remember presently, during the leadership of the Rt. Hon. George Price, when Mr. Price’s caution definitely proved well-advised, as time went along.     I said to you last week that, personally, I am an anachronism. But where our world has reached today should be carefully studied by these younger generations who will make key decisions all over the planet. There are some valuable lessons in the coronavirus pandemic. If we insist on overwhelming The Jewel with projects and people from all over the planet, we may have to stop and think things over. You can see that a few of us have gotten rich off big projects and big people. A few Belizeans get rich: you and I feel pain. 

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