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Guats bex after submission of Honduras’ claim to the ICJ

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German MP says it was stupid to challenge Russia

FeaturesGerman MP says it was stupid to challenge Russia

Permit me, our dear readers of this column, to present to you the following report, which I find to be of utmost interest, that was posted on YouTube on September 6 by Noticias Mundo, under the heading in Spanish, “Alemania admite que es la mas estupida por retar a Rusia”. It is as follows:

German MP says that challenging Russia was stupid

“Germany is the stupidest for challenging Russia,” admits a German MP. A German parliamentarian has questioned her country’s hostile policies towards Russia at a time when energy prices continue to rise in that country. “Germany’s government is the stupidest in Europe for having entered into a real economic war against the main supplier of energy, Russia,” criticized the left-wing German deputy Sarha Wagenknecht. “The biggest problem is his grandiose idea of launching an unprecedented economic war against our most important energy provider,” she said. Speaking in the course of a session of the German central parliament, Wagenknecht described the Ukrainian conflict as a crime and pointed out that anti-Russian sanctions from the West have had fatal consequences for Germany. Moreover, she demanded the end of the sanctions campaign against Russia and the resignation of Deputy Chancellor and Minister of Economy of Germany, Robert Habeck. “The idea of punishing Russian President Vladimir Putin by impoverishing millions of families in Germany and destroying our industry while Gazprom is making record profits, how stupid is that?” she said. Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24, the European Union and its Western allies have imposed several waves of restrictive measures and sanctions against the Eurasian country, including an embargo on Russian oil and gas, which has caused serious shortages of energy on the continent. Given this situation, the German left and different political parties in the country continue to show their disapproval of the country’s economic situation. Moreover, Germany has recently been the scene of protests motivated by constant price increases in all areas of daily life. From another angle, Russia warns that Western sanctions are adding fuel to the fire of the conflict and causing a global energy and economic crisis.

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November 6, 2022
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