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Give the Speaker a pass

I want to remind the PUP parliamentarians, particularly their leader, Hon. John Briceño, that the present Speaker of the House, Mrs. Laura Longsworth, DID NOT save the UDP from themselves earlier this year when they were on their knees before her, praying that she would embarrass herself and protect them from declaring, on the record, for all time, that on their watch Belizeans living abroad would not get to participate in the referendum on the ICJ.

The PUPeez are saying that the Speaker did not allow the HOO (Head of the Opposition) to continue the flogging of the UDP over the Perdomo write-off, and that she “was well aware of the magnitude of the bill.” Hn, when I was a boy growing up, reading my Amandala every week, I learned a big word, buhzwa (I still can’t spell it), and my little friends started calling me “Big Words-[my last name]”. I never used a big word again. But I’m going to use one now. Hyperbole.

Magnitude, Mr., Miss Belize Times, is the opposite of the font you used to print the HOO’s statement on the matter. Belize Times crew, the “magnitude” of the letters for the HOO’s statement was so small I man needed to put on TWO glasses to read it. I heard a story that a man who catches a big fish never goes home through an alley. Well, add to that that people who believe they have been wronged never make their complaint in 8 point — fine print.

Magnitude, Mr., Miss Belize Times, is the following: weak on crime, Sanctuary Bay, BTL price, corruption, widening income gap, delaying tactics on UNCAC, UDP laughing at registration malpractice, PUP colluding with UDP, PUP suspicious deeds 1998 to 2008. Yes, the write-off was a disgrace, shameful, and if the HOO wanted to talk more on the matter, maybe the Speaker should have given him some rope. Maybe she had a headache, or was tired. She must have a good excuse. She done prove that she da no puppet.

I want the PUPeez to know that being Speaker of the House for a government that has gone rogue must be a difficult place. This UDP is no NIP. On top of being corrupt, they are a very indecent crowd hell-bent on making papisho of the House. This crowd noh shame fu nasty. There were and are some PUPeez who proud to be crass, but give unu credit, unu neva rude like dis ya set.

It is not impossible that the Speaker erred, but if da mi me, I would have said, “Mam, you’re having a bad day, an we forgive yu because bad days we know are plenty for those who work for the crowd over there. I know the parable in the Good Book about the seed that fell on stony ground. And the other one about what happens to good aapl when it lands in a barrel of rotten ones. Keep up your head, Miss, yu having a bad day. But there was a day when you were sterling, and all the world was watching when you did our democracy proud.”

Those of you who might not remember the day, it was coming on to midnight and those UDP bohgaz came up with lame excuse that it was late, and it was a done deal, but Speaker Longsworth didn’t behave like Aldo, who doesn’t have time for the people’s bizniz. She said the House Orders said that there had to be a vote, and that Kareem’s call for a DIVISION had to be respected. You know, that is all we can ask of Belizeans in high positions. Just do right by our wonderful nation.

She did, an bam brigiding, one by one, one after the adda, dehn UDP philistines voted NO to Belizeans abroad. I am a man who likes to forget things, but datideh night I will never forget.

Wait, wait, wait, I’m just reading in the Belize Times some unnamed person really going to the depths to call out the Speaker for, they say, not allowing Kareem to hammer Barrow and his gang on the adjournment. There’s a columnist in the Belize Times who gets a disclaimer almost every week, for next to nada; well, if ever anyone needed a disclaimer the person who wrote that piece is it.

Oh boy, in the days of Said Musa the PUP would never go there. Please, don’t go there, PUP. The NIP never went there. You, PUP, you were there, but under Said there was some calidad in your party. Someone told me that Said’s dad was an NIP, and Said’s style says he’s got the quality of the NIP too.

Some PUPeez think dehn bad because they might form the next government. I must warn them that no party will do to us what dis ya UDP crowd di du to we now. Wi kyaahn tek nohmoh. An if unu kyaahn tek nohmoh a di UDP, an unu have caught AG Pere with his pants off on this statute- barred bizniz, don’t take it out on the Speaker: take that bohga AG to Court House Wharf and expose him. I’m no court fanatic, but there must be some punishment for an AG who misleads his party and the nation.

Who knows, maybe the court will tell him to pay the bond. Ah, there was a time, when he was a boy, when he said he passed through a sum nearly as large as that, every day. That AG is a very colorful guy. I wonder what color his face will turn when the judge says, “AG, you know yu jos like Sedi, an Barrow too. Gudnis, when unu wahn stop come da court fu defend losing case.”

UDP hell-bent on dragging Belize into  the mud

Somebody has to tell Mr. Joe Bradley that name calling da primary school chatter. Some big person said, ‘When I was a child, I was a dirty-mouth little brat, Now I’m a man I shame when I fall in the gutter’. Guy, if you feel that the economist/engineer isn’t worthy enough to get a job in Belize, that’s your opinion. Call the man by his proper name at all times. Guy, as mouthpiece for the Government of Belize, you should be about elevating the conversation, not trying to bait people to join you down deh.

That said, I can’t have anything against Mr. Yellowman, because he is the type of person who might make a good colleague on a fishing boat with me, but whoever decided on him as House presence either didn’t inform him about the price of stature, or they are playing a game called, Mock the House. Whichever Braa chose him for service in the House, I have to tell them that when the man said that one who walks with kings should not lose the common touch, “common touch” didn’t mean rude, crude, or lewd. We “common” people don’t support sagging. “Common touch” speaks to humility, respect for people who are not well off with material goods.

Let’s get this clear. If you attain high office or serve in high office you are bound to conduct yuself. There are advantages to being regular folk. No, we can’t afford whiskey (if we like that stuff), but we don’t have to go to work in suit and tie, and we are not obliged to set a good example for the nation to follow.

It doesn’t matter if he believes what he said, or if he was just being spiteful: Brother Yellowman should apologize to the PUP standard bearer, Dr. Zabaneh. The UDP argument that the tirade was politics is just another in a series of disappointments. The gentleman has House presence. He is called to a certain quality of behavior.

I think it is grossly wrong for the UDP to put such pressure on the Speaker. The lady did what was the right thing to do, what she had to do, when she said there must be a vote. Don’t tear her dress because she chose country over party. What you must try and do is the right thing too. Is doing right, being honorable, so difficult?

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