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Gnashing of teeth!

FeaturesGnashing of teeth!

I must say that I had trepidations about the elections last Tuesday. I didn’t believe all the doom and gloom predictions that were flying all around, and I definitely did not believe in a red wave. But I did believe that the Republicans would win the House, by a larger margin than what is obviously just by the skin of their teeth. That is, if the results that are coming in are any indication. I still, and always, believed that the Democrats would keep the Senate, and still do, although again, it, like the House, remains undecided. The Democrats are happy, the Republicans sulking about, and many of the right wing papers are blaming der Fuhrer for the loss. Lots of finger-pointing all around, but the facts remain, they were hoisted on their own petard!

Now, it has been discovered that the Republican Party and some polling companies like Real Clear Politics, which is Republican in its leanings, were skewing the polls in hopes of dampening the spirits of Democrats, to try to convince them that it was over, it was hopeless. Why vote at all, Democrats? You have already lost; stay home and wallow in your misery. The rest of the media, lazy and lemming-like, started to spread this obviously false and absolutely inaccurate narrative! I don’t trust polls, especially after they predicted that President Hillary Clinton was supposed to win by at least 20 points in 2016! Did I say President? I meant, also-ran Hillary.

My faith in the American voter has been renewed. In spite of record inflation, in spite of the unpopularity of Joe Biden, in spite of rampant crime, the people came out in droves, in record numbers to say no, no to craziness, to a Republican Party out of control, ruled by the MAGA wing of their party. Most of the election deniers, the insurrectionists, the Trumpers who ran, were roundly defeated! The people saw their true colors and said no, not now, not as long as we have a voice. The Republicans tried to minimize the abortion issue; it didn’t work. Women came out with a vengeance, and sent the vermin back to their hole in the ground, in the netherworlds of conspiracies and outright mendacity! Women saved the day, again!

We still don’t know what the final results will be, but either way it goes, it will be a victory for democracy, for common sense, for American democracy! Donald Trump brought out the worst in the American psyche; he resurrected the worst instincts in those already believing that America was changing, for the worse. Inclusivity, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, immigration of people of “grosser blood,” all these issues are kryptonite to his followers, his true believers. And boy, do they believe, with religious-like fervor!

America, I believe, is returning to some semblance of normalcy. She flirted with the crazies, until she saw or realized the dystopian future they were bringing with their election to positions of power, and rejected them. Not as firmly as I’d hope, but they did the right thing. This time.


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