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Gunman fatally shot woman in moving vehicle

ROARING CREEK, Cayo District, Mon. May 18, 2015–Rosalie Galvez, 33, of Society Hall, Roaring Creek, Cayo District, a mother of three children, died tragically after being shot by a cold-blooded gunman at about 6:30 yesterday evening, Sunday, near the Guanacaste National Park in Roaring Creek.

Galvez was in a black Toyota single cab pickup being driven on the George Price Highway by her common-law husband, Russell Hyde, 44, a Camalote businessman. Hyde, who is well-known in the Belmopan and Roaring Creek area, and to police, reported that he was with his common-law-wife, Rosalie Galvez, their two sons and other family members and they were travelling from More Tomorrow in their black Toyota pickup to their home in Camalote when upon reaching the Guanacaste National Park, he slowed down because of several speed bumps in the area and the construction of the new roundabout.

Hyde said that as he was about to approach the stop sign, a lone, unidentified gunman came out of the bushes and fired several shots at them, hitting Rosalie Galvez in the head. Hyde said that he drove directly to the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, and the doctors did all they could to save Galvez, but she died shortly after at about 7:00 yesterday evening.

Police went to the area of the shooting and carried out a search, but the killer had already escaped.

Police believe, however, that Hyde, and not Galvez, was the target. They say they have begun an intense investigation.

The shooting of Rosalie Galvez is the second incident in four days in which a gunman shot into a moving vehicle. On Wednesday morning, May 13, near the western border, an unknown gunman fired into the windshield of a vehicle in which the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Free Zone, Alfred Sattler, was travelling. The bullet hit Sattler’s passenger, Henri Quiroz, 19, in the neck. Quiroz was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car. He is presently listed as being in a critical but stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital.

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