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Hakeem looks at Norwegian

LettersHakeem looks at Norwegian

Dear Editor:

After watching the news and listening to the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) and BTB representatives, I am convinced that there is nothing in this for us Belizeans. This is an outright hustle for some big UDP supporters and NCL.

What NCL is proposing is that they will have everything on that facility so the tourists won’t have to come on shore. They will have bars, restaurants, duty free shops, and also they will be doing a beach, so why would the tourists have to go to the mainland ?

The only entertainment they can’t have is a natural Maya site and I believe they will construct an artificial one somewhere on that facility. Then the Director of BTB has the heart to say that all villages along the highway would benefit. Ms Director, what do these villages have to show tourists?

She even mentions the orange orchard and banana plantation tours. Who would want to come on a ship to visit orchards and banana plantations? Tourists love either the sea or the Maya sites. What Minister Hulse should have told us is, out of the $50 million US how much is going to be spent in Belize and how much of that money is going internationally. We need to know.

I’ve noticed no change in the head tax, so NCL is once again getting the bulk of the money. Next question, who had owned Harvest Caye and is the Government getting its fair share in taxes?

Hakeem Bush

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