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Harvest for Kids sets new record — 20 acres harvested in 17 mins

Harvest for Kids raises funds to finance their camps and other programs which benefit children, both in Belize City and elsewhere, through the planting and sale of corn. This year a total of 77 acres of corn were planted, in Spanish Lookout, Orange Walk and Banana Bank. On Saturday, 20 acres were harvested in Banana Bank. Fifteen combines were lined up to conduct the harvesting of 20 acres – an undertaking that was completed in 17 minutes.

Alexander Perez, Director of Camping Experience Belize, said that this was a significant improvement over last year, in which 11 combines were used. The organization announced that they obtained about 50 sacks of corn per acre, and that they received enough donations to cover the expenses associated with producing the 20 acres of corn, and so all of the proceeds from the sale of the crop will go directly to the children’s ministry. Amandala was told that the Belcar Company will purchase the entire yield of the 20 acres from the organization, and will help the organization in the sale of the remainder of the corn harvested from the next 52 acres, to other communities and interested parties.

Perez announced that another 20 acres of corn will be harvested within the next 2 weeks, but this time in the Orange Walk area. However, donations are needed to cover the expenses incurred in producing the 20 acres of corn. Donations can be forwarded to Harvest for Kids Belize, in Orange Walk at phone numbers 671–1702 or Alexander Perez at 621–5541.

It is hoped that the energy generated during the first harvest in Banana Bank will be replicated in other areas where the harvest takes place. George Plett, a farmer and an event organizer for Harvest for Kids, noted the reaction of a young man named David who was with a friend in a corn field when they put down the green flag (to signal the combines to go) and “felt the roaring of 15 combines”. “He couldn’t help but get goose bumps; that was the sound of hope,” said Plett.

Another child, Fiana Bernardez, 9, got the chance to board one of the large combines for the first time. She said it was the best day of her life, and that she felt excited and happy.

Perez and the organization thank all the farmers and individuals who assisted in any way in planting the seeds of hope through the project.

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