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Livestock producers “elated” at waived cattle import duty

Mexico’s decision to waive the 15% tariff...

CWU and PBL hold “meaningful talks”

The parties were granted 6 weeks to...

Belize City centenarian Leonora Patnett dies at 108

By Khaila Gentle BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 9,...

Henry Young and CB Hyde call for political reform

HighlightsHenry Young and CB Hyde call for political reform

Former tourism minister, Henry Young, and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Charles Bartlett Hyde, who teamed up with other concerned citizens to petition the government to ease the pressure on persons who smoke recreational marijuana —  a fight “to ease up on locking down mostly poor people for possession of a couple sticks of a plant known as marijuana”, as one of the sages put it — are now offering a couple proposals which they feel will “improve the ability of governments to govern and increase the faith citizens have in their governments.”

Young and Hyde say that, one, the term of government should be a maximum of four years, and two, that the office of prime minister should be limited to two consecutive terms. In reference to the first proposal, the reformists say that after three years in office, fatigue sets in for representatives, and that they “get comfortable and start to neglect their constituency.”

On the matter of limiting the terms of the prime minister, the reformists say that eight years is sufficient, and that a period that extends beyond that stifles the ascendancy of other talented persons. They say that at the intra-party level two terms for the prime minister will “reduce the prospects of internal squabbles because it will allow for rising stars to move up the ladder.”

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