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Henry Young doesn’t like Eleanor Hall Building

LettersHenry Young doesn’t like Eleanor Hall Building

To the Editor, AMANDALA:

I try to avoid driving on Chetumal Street by the Eleanor Hall Building. A beautiful, expensive building set in the midst of a poor neighborhood. It just doesn’t fit. When you look down from the building, you see nothing but destitution. When you are in the neighborhood, you look up and see opulence.

The word is that the government is planning to build more of those buildings in the area. Wouldn’t it be nice if the government would reconsider and design buildings that look like Belize?

My suggestion would be to build a two-story semi-circular extended building with cast iron rails, similar to the court house. Underneath can be used for parking. The roof would accommodate solar panels which would provide electricity. Inside would be designed so that lobbies to offices could be used for hurricane shelters.

All this could be done for half the price of the Eleanor Hall Building. It would fit into the community. Reduce all this glass and cut maintenance in half. Will we ever learn to live within our means? Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.

Henry Young, Sr.

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