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Henry Young makes suggestions for new government

Dear Editor,
Congratulations are in order to the Hon. John Briceño and the PUP for a well-put together, well-oiled, well-financed, mind-altering campaign. The main purpose of this article is to make three points:

One, the Waterloo project: in 1902 an American by the name Selznic (spelling might be incorrect) did a study of the coastal waters of Belize, and his conclusion was that a deep water port would not be viable north of the Sibun River. Yet, after Hurricane Hattie the then Prime Minister, Mr. Price, gave the go-ahead for a pier in Belize City. Shortly after the pier was completed, the size of ocean-going ships grew exponentially, leaving the Belize port pier obsolete. Hence, all cargo destined for Belize had to be left in Miami, where small crafts would then bring them to Belize.

If this Waterloo project is implemented, all you will need is a hurricane and you will have to start digging all over again. Perhaps the owner of this project can have a look at Dangriga as the site for its implementation. There will be no need for dredging, and with the completion of the Coastal Road, access to Belize’s tourist attractions will be equidistant.

Two, in the past the PUP has criticized the new highway planned to Caracol. I am hoping they will not discard this project, as it is one of the best ideas for the development of Cayo. Look at how Tikal has developed into a massive tourist attraction. Caracol defeated Tikal and was a much larger Mayan empire. Improving the existing airstrip in the area, plus the highway, would be a draw for rich tourists. The airstrip would attract short-haul aircrafts from surrounding cities and would be a big boost for the economy of Cayo.

Three, recently the new police minister spoke about increasing the number of policemen. Mr. Minister, increasing the number of police will not fix much of the problems we are facing today. I suggest you give the Commissioner of Police the authority to dismiss officers who are not redeemable. These delinquent officers are causing the department to have a bad name.

We need to develop our social services, and increase community policing. Recently the Commissioner was berated for stating the truth, for stating that the problem lies in parenting, or the lack thereof. Increase expenditure in these areas, and in a few years we will see good results.

Henry Young, former Minister of Tourism

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