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Hon. Cordel Hyde is the man our people want for PUP Leader

Editor Amandala


Hon. Cordel Hyde’s video: “Cordel Hyde for PUP Party Leader” has had a breaking record of well over 74,000 views, over 1,600 likes and over 165 shares so far. That is proof that he is by far the most popular candidate in the PUP Party Leader race. In the 2015 General Elections there were 67,566 persons who voted PUP. The vast majority of people agree that roughly about 65% of PUP’s who voted in the said elections are today supporting Cordel for Party Leader. Cordel’s charisma, positive vibes and his genuine love for people, especially the less fortunate and the poor, has made him the most popular and most acclaimed candidate today. He has filled the hearts with hope. His heart beats at the same rhythm of the people’s heart, while their aspirations are in tune and the same. He is the candidate that the majority see as the only man capable to change and restore the PUP. He will reform, renew and revitalize the party. The business community and private sector are willing to guarantee financial support to him because of his antecedents of honesty and transparency.

The PUP leadership has continually moaned, groaned and cried that the party couldn’t get financial support from the business community and the private sector. The financial support was denied to them due to a lack of confidence in the leadership and the division the party suffers within. However, Cordel has now that support and credibility from all sectors. If all 67,566 persons could vote in the Convention on 31st January Cordel would emerge victorious in a wink and without a doubt.

The serious problem lies in the way the convention will be carried on. The majority of representatives are insisting on giving the people what the people don’t want – giving the electorate candidates in whom people have no confidence. They want to continue doing things in the same old way, expecting new results although they have seen that the old way only brings failure and loss. See how they are manipulating lists, are being selective, being biased, illicitly and wantonly leaving out voters and actually being undemocratic in the process. They are imposing, and some are even bribing delegates to vote for a leader of their choice and not the delegates’ choice.

Let the delegates stop and think for a while and realize that voting for the wrong candidate means going back to the same old trodden road which leads to failure and losing all future elections. It means a halt to the PUP; even more, it means reversing and losing the great majority who want a change and thus losing support from them for any future elections. The division in the PUP has been there for so long; therefore, Cordel must win so things don’t get worse and the divisions don’t deepen, exacerbate, strengthen and make the PUP weaker. Just see how the followers of the other factions criticize each other, that one sometimes wonders if they are PUP. Their attacks upon each other are vicious, dirty and shameful. Cordel must win to end this division and the breaking up of the party. If delegates vote for a candidate the people don’t want, that may mean the end of the PUP. Give Cordel Hyde an opportunity to win. He will be the only Leader who will unite the PUP and lead it to victory and a real positive change for all.  QUIEN ESCUCHA A CORDEL SEGURAMENTE VOTARÁ POR ÉL.


(Signed) Joaquin Magaña, Sr.

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