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Hon Dean Barrow
Prime Minister
Belmopan, Belize
6th July, 2018

Dear Prime Minister,

Greetings from the recently formed, NO ICJ MOVEMENT!

We represent Diaspora Belizeans as well as Homeland Belizeans committed to advocating the NO ICJ vote in direct contrast to the YES position you have indicated that you and the United Democratic Party Government will champion and campaign for! This we believe is a sacred duty that must be fulfilled against all odds to give voice to the more than 70 percent of Belizeans, whose NO position is being ignored and whom your Foreign Minister dismisses and categorizes as “crazy”!

Our Movement echoes the voices of Belizeans at home and the Diaspora who have very serious concerns about the re-registration process launched on July 2, 2018. We write to humbly request an urgent audience with you to present a formal submission of these concerns on behalf of the Belizean people!

It is our hope that you would intervene and address these concerns and forge an amicable resolution going forward!

The concerns are:

The impossibility of verifying the stipulated 2 months residency requirement for approval to be registered at an address as has been publicly validated by the Foreign Minister. This will heavily compromise the process except in unquestionable cases where the resident has been domiciled at the address for an extensive period!

The resulting disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of Diasporans from re-registering, who were on the previous list, and are unable to meet the 2 months residency requirement.

Finally, the registering of tens of thousands of Guatemalans who have been granted Belizean citizenship in contravention of our Belizean Constitution, which all our political leaders took a public oath to uphold!

We consider the above critical in the national discourse and current political landscape as we inch toward the April 10th, 2018 ICJ Referendum.

We look forward to your favourable response to our request.
Kindly be assured of our highest regards and best wishes.

Sincerely Belizean,
Derek Aikman
National Coordinator

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