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Ideas and Opinions

FeaturesIdeas and Opinions


These letters together stand for an alliance of men and women who are unsatisfied with the role that nature has assigned to them. Because of this dissatisfaction, they have chosen roles which are contrary to their very nature. Their natural roles are for them to be either male or female according to the sex they were born with.

It is true that a male can have the appendage of his genitals removed and an orifice put in its place, through the wonders of medical science. So. According to statute law he/she is recognized as a member of the female sex and, of that gender as well. The state is making an accommodation which it deems necessary and society accepts it as reasonable. But, in reality the intended sex change operation did not succeed. What it has done is make the man incapable of performing the role of a male without being able to perform the role of a female. To achieve this objective medical science will have to implant a womb and install an ovulatory system. Without it, he is still a man, without genitals.

The same difficulties would arise if there were women who wished to perform the role of men but, the fair sex is in a much better position to simulate the role, which I will now discuss.


That is what the letter “L” in LGBT represents. The word comes from Lesbos, an island in Greece where the poet Sappho, who is said to have espoused sexual relationships between women, was born.

Women who prefer the companionship of other women contrary to the natural order are of the same sex and gender, regardless of the fact that one member of the couple seeks to perform the role which men are endowed by nature to perform.

What happens between two adults of the opposite sex is natural, wholesome and healthy. But is what happens between two women of a sexual nature, wholesome and healthy, and, is it what civil society wants the children to be taught in our schools?


“G” is the first letter in the word “gay” chosen by the homosexual community as what they would like to be called. Homosexuals are two types of men: those who would like to be female, rejecting their manhood, and, those who accommodate them. The homosexual who performs the role of his sex retains his manhood and, therefore, is capable of forming normal sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex. Do you think what happens between two men, which is of a sexual nature, is wholesome and healthy, and would you like it to be a part of the school’s curriculum?


The “B” in LBGT stands for “Bi-sexual,” which means males or females who have sexual relations with members of the opposite and, the same sex. Men and women who have sexual relations only with members of the same sex are a small minority of our population. I say this in the absence of statistics and am therefore open to be corrected. There are no statistics on Bi-sexuals, but I am confident in saying that they are by far the largest segment of the LGBT coalition. Their numbers are significant but, not as significant as the number of marijuana users and, certainly not anywhere near the number of the rest of us. So. How come LGBT can exercise so much power as to force us to accept the idea that there are more than two sexes and more than two genders? Because, that is what the new gender proposals by the National Organization of Women seeks to achieve.

The National Organization of Women seems to have forgotten something very important when framing its gender proposals. Aren’t sexual relationships between members of the male sex forbidden by law? How then can it be fit material to be taught in our schools?


The letter “T” in LGBT stands for transsexual. Most homosexual men who reject their manhood have to be content with the features with which they were born. A few who are affluent and determined, engage surgeons to perform a so-called sex change. It only happens in First World countries so, it is no concern of ours. Why then should we be contemplating making laws against discrimination of transsexuals?


I thought that the purpose of the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) was the social, economic and political advancement of women. If so, I think it is fair to ask these questions: –

1. What is the relationship of the National Organization of Women to LGBT and

2. Why should the National Organization of Women take it upon itself to spread the LGBT gospel of sexual and gender rights amongst our school children?

Let N.O.W. get out of the mix. This is not their game. Let LGB (forget the “T”) fight their own battles. They should start by letting us know who they are, at least who their leaders are. I think they are amongst the bi-sexuals. They are the largest group, with the most power and influence.

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