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Intellectual anti-intellectual

Dear Editor,
The fight against our academic tyranny is met with the charge that it is “anti-intellectual.” What we are trying to do is to open a suffocating academia to fresh and new ideas. But new ideas are exactly what professors and those upholding political correctness insist that they and only they represent. Anybody who criticizes our inbred professional bureaucracy is labeled as “anti-intellectual.” For anyone who understands how the real-world works, every occupation has a label for people who criticize that occupation, because the labels are used to defend themselves from regulations.

“Anti-intellectualism” is a label to prevent fresh air in the academic community. A label is used to scare off opposition, which makes your power absolute. Nobody in the media ever mentions that. When the words of freedom are used to destroy freedom, it is time for Revolution and nothing less than a Revolution. So, if you see “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” you are anti-Intellectual.

Open Card Memo
Back of Bush

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