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Intoxicated man chops two men and tries to sexually assault a woman

After reportedly being beaten by villagers and police, he dies in hospital

SILK GRASS, Stann Creek District, Thurs. June 21, 2018– An intoxicated man chopped two men in Silk Grass, tried to sexually assault a woman, and then died at the Southern Regional Hospital after being arrested by police.

Police said that they were told  at around one this morning about an intoxicated machete-man who was causing trouble in the village. When they arrived at the village, they saw Rene Godoy, 30, a Salvadoran construction worker, on the second-story balcony of a building in the village, to which he had ascended after villagers reportedly chased him.

Police reports are that Godoy, in an intoxicated state, broke into a house and chopped a man, Rudy Montorozo, in the left side of the head, neck, and back. He then attempted to sexually assault Sonia Guerra, 32, who was also in the house.

Before he could do so, though, she began calling out for help. Her cries were heard by her stepfather, Eulalio Moralez, but when he came to help, Godoy chopped him as well, severing a finger from his right hand.

When the cries for help were heard by the villagers, they went to assist, and when Godoy saw them, he ran, with the villagers in hot pursuit.

Two police officers, along with some villagers, attempted to persuade Godoy to come down from the building. However, he began throwing bottles and stones at them.

According to ACP Joseph Myvette, Godoy was eventually subdued by a joint effort between the officers and the villagers. Myvette said that Godoy had injuries to his face, but it is unknown how those injuries were caused. He said they were observed after Godoy was subdued and taken into the police vehicle.

Godoy was then transported to the Southern Regional Hospital, where Monterozo and Moralez were also being treated. Myvette said that Godoy chatted with the police officers on the way to the hospital, however, about an hour after he arrived at the hospital, he was found motionless.

ACP Myvette said an intensive criminal investigation as well as an internal investigation have been launched into Godoy’s death.

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