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Is The Easter Bunny Coming?

FeaturesIs The Easter Bunny Coming?

Easter in Belize is no doubt a special, serene and wonderful time of the year. From the weather to the people, to the brewing excitement of a family leisure trip over the weekend, Easter in Belize is certainly a time that many look forward to. But this Easter is somewhat different. The pace is generally slow, the mood is that of melancholy and despair, and this is coupled with a misty feeling in the air; not even the weather is set right! So given all this, one must beg the question: is the Easter Bunny coming this year?

Well, by all indications and appearances, it doesn’t seem at all that the Easter Bunny is coming this year! Since mid-March, we have been waiting for the Easter Bunny to show his face, but since then, nobody has gotten even a mere glimpse of him! Spring has certainly sprung a few weeks ago, but the Easter Bunny did not come out of his hole! Despite the fact that the season is almost upon us, nobody has seen the Easter Bunny, and one can only guess that he must have caught COVID and is on quarantine!

Needless to say, with the absence of the Easter Bunny, this Easter will be another season of dread and drear for many! There’s no use in recounting all the horrid facts of the matter, because the statistics are glaring. But amid the trials and the tribulations we face, we would have at least hoped to see the Easter Bunny this year; even if he came empty-handed! But I tell you, the Bunny refused to even show his face!

While on quarantine, I was made to understand that the Bunny is busy working, though! He’s crunching the numbers and paying keen attention to the statistics all around. He’s fully aware of all that’s going on and is trying to forge a way forward when the time comes for him to come out and show his face again! But I heard that when he does come out (sometime after Easter), he won’t be dropping eggs everywhere and delivering baskets to those who were waiting fervently.

To put it mildly and simply, this will be an Easter without a basket! Don’t sit and wait on the Easter Bunny, cause he ain’t coming out of his hole! There will be no colorful eggs that spark joy and glee, tucked amid cushy confetti to make our lives a little happier. There’ll be no delectable chocolates to melt between your fingers as one bites in amid audacious smiles. This Easter will be subtle, somber and reflective.

This Easter we are called to task. We are called to reflect on the true and subtle meaning of the season. The ultimate Sacrifice that God made when He sent His only Begotten Son (Jesus) to pay the ultimate price by giving His own life for all of our salvation! Who would have thought that from the dark embers of such a grave tale, that triumph and glory could be given to all of us as an assurance of pardon, just mere days later?

This Easter, if nothing else, we are called to Self-Denial and Almsgiving! We are charged with the fiduciary responsibility to deny ourselves of haughty and worldly pleasures in an effort to reach out to those who are more needy. We are given the salient mandate to give to the poor and needy in an inalienable quest to help to bridge the wide and gaping divide between the haves and those who are in dire need.

This Easter, even in the absence of the Easter Bunny, we can be that light of love and giving to each other. We can give the baskets to those in need. We can sprinkle Easter eggs of joy and blessings to those we meet. See, we are called to deny ourselves, just as Jesus did for us, so that others may live more happily and more abundantly at our free disposal. Whether the Easter Bunny comes or not, we are tasked today, right now, in this providential season to climb out of our holes and reach out and spread cheer to those in need. Whether the Easter Bunny will make the important sacrifices or not, so that all of us can and will live better in time, we are called to sacrifice to help our brothers and sisters in need, just as Christ did for us; whether or not the Easter Bunny comes!

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