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Home Headline Jevaughn Ramclam falls from 200-ft tower 

Jevaughn Ramclam falls from 200-ft tower 

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Mar. 18, 2021– On Thursday, March 18, 22-year Jevaughn Ramclam fell to his death while working on a 200-ft. tower with his father, Troy Polonio. The father and son are tower climbers, and on a routine installation of a piece of internet equipment on a tower located in the Benny’s compound on the Northern Highway, tragedy struck.

Polonio told 7News that he witnessed the horrific death of his child.

He said that the climb which ended in the death of his son was the second of the day, and that they had ascended the tower to mount a piece of access point equipment for wireless internet and would have then left the site.

According to Polonio, a mishap occurred during a process that is a routine part of the task that they were completing. Ramclam had to cut a cable tie to dismount a cable tied around his chest, but it was while he was doing so that tragedy struck. At that point, Polonio saw his son falling backward. He immediately started to shout out for him and made his way down the tower.

But the fall had claimed the young man’s life.

Polonio said that he observed a half loose cable on the left side of the safety harness, but cannot confirm that that was the cause of his son’s demise.

SMART has issued a statement expressing their sadness of the passing of Ramclam. It stated that he was hired as an independent contractor to work on the tower located on the Phillip Goldson Highway near Benny’s Home Center, just a stone’s throw away from SMART’s main office.

Ramclam, affectionally known as “twin” in the Neal Pen Road community, loved deejaying with his twin brother. They both hosted various events and parties in Belize City.
The 22-year old leaves behind a two-year old son. Police have shared that his death has been classified as an accident.

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