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John and Merkel need Dr. Cuellar

John Briceño and Angela Merkel have thrown a little damper on the vaccination programs in their respective countries after they both balked at taking the AstraZeneca vaccines — Briceño because he says his resistance to Covid-19 is very high (he caught the virus back in November) and Merkel, I understand it is reported, said it isn’t recommended for people over the age of 65.

I tell you, when I saw the screaming headline about the Chancellor of Germany not getting jabbed in the arm with the world-saving vaccine, I immediately said to myself, “I smell conspiracy here; this lady must be a German Jew an she noh trust”.

I don’t downplay our natural skepticism brought on by wicked acts of Europeans over these past 500 years, their 1900s deception in the Tuskegee syphilis study and their deception with Small Pox in the 1800s, but there shouldn’t be any suspicion of modern vaccines that our people had a hand in developing, and the WHO, which has representatives from all nations, has blessed.

Marley popularized the warning about devious friends – your best friend could be your worst enemy – and it is true that we must sleep wid wi own eye, but you have to factor into your knowledge base the people who have proven to be true, and have more knowledge than you.

I say we have to go with Doctors Ron and Egbert over there, and Doctors Lisa and Cuellar over here, and who can forget our Nurse Casilda Bowman, our Dr. Marcelo Coyi, and our Dr. Eric Bradley who were the first to get in line and face the needle.

This Chancellor Merkel, of course I checked, and I found out she has some Polish ancestry, but no mention of Moses. She’s not entirely off the hook; the ancestry book is deep, but for now we’ll have to allow her dodge to rest a while because we have bigger fish, the one at home, to fry.

Hmm, in John Briceño’s case, he is saying that it is better that he defers for now, because he doesn’t need it, and someone who does can get the vaccines that would have been used on him. That’s noble, and I understand what he’s saying, and he wouldn’t have sucked a little energy out of the vaccination program if the doctor had come forward and did his talking for him.

I say, Dr. Cuellar has to come out and say that he told John that if he appeared at any clinic, he, Dr. Cuellar, would physically race to the scene and grab control of the syringe and prevent him from getting his jab, because it’s not the best use of the vaccine to give it to one with high resistance to the disease. We all would have bought that.

Bah, since those leaders already messed up by not getting the MD to front for them, they should just get into the clinic, roll up their sleeves and get jammed. It’s that important, as they both know as well as anybody else, how important it is for us, us especially, to get a robust vaccination program going.

This age thing about AstraZeneca — Reuters said Canada’s advisory committee on vaccinations did not recommend it for people who are older than 65 because they didn’t have sufficient information about its efficacy in that age group, but the committee pointed out that real evidence was emerging that showed the vaccine was effective and had no safety issues for oldsters. Hooray, the mighty WHO just came in with their verdict for over 65’s and the green flag is up, so go, go, go get that vaccine, Golden Oldie.

I want all our leaders to be at the fore, including the ones who are fumbling all over the place at the Commission of Inquiry. My gudnis, how did our party which piggy-backed the great Philip Goldson to control of the National Assembly, get so wicked? My, the UDP and Dean Barrow had four leaders, Goldson, Lindo, Aranda, and Esquivel, three straight arrows and a bent one to choose from, and they chose to emulate the lawyer. I didn’t say that being into sleight of hand means you don’t love Belize.

You know, the Catholics are split on a lot of things, and while the Vatican isn’t telling any of their faithful to duck the vaccine, there are a few dangerous renegades; there are always a few renegades. The ethical issues have to do with the use of fetal cells in the development of some of the vaccines. Sophie Meixner, in a story published at the website abc.net.au, said the fuss should not be so much about the one we are getting, the AstraZeneca.

In her story she says the cells behind the vaccine we’re getting come from a less than 20-week-old female fetus from the Netherlands in 1973, and because fetal cells can divide an infinite number of times, they don’t need to replace specimens, meaning that there is no need any more for anyone to be aborting babies.

She said a Dr. Bill Lott, a virologist, said scientists are happy to stick with the cell lines they are presently using, because they have been used repeatedly in their laboratories, and they have been found to be safe. It’s important to note that fetal cell lines have been used to develop vaccines for chicken pox, Ebola, polio, rubella, shingles, Hepatitis A, and rabies.

I understand the disappointment that we aren’t getting the vaccine that claims to be the most effective. The AstraZeneca, according to our experts, has 74% efficacy, and some vaccines are claiming they are in the 90’s, but our experts point out that the big advantage of the one we’re getting is it is much easier to store than the others.

The caller to the WuB show who said, it’s (vaccines) all we have — can’t beat him for wisdom. Some Belizeans are swearing on the effectiveness of Ivermectin, with the number one proponent, Pastor Scott, and the poster people the Mennonite group. The Mennonites are reportedly big on it, but before they are held up that way, it is important to understand their culture. We won’t know how many Mennonites have gotten infected, because they don’t use our health system as much as other Belizeans do, and when any of them die it usually isn’t announced on Belize media.

If we want to look at the numbers story, of 420,000 Belizeans, 1/35th, 12,000, say they are Mennonites. The last check is that 315 deaths in Belize have been attributed to Covid-19 since the pandemic began, and we would have to check if 9 of our Mennonite brothers and sisters died since the pandemic began, and if tests were done on all their departed.

Ivermectin — the most independent research out there on that mainly worm/flea/waari tick killer that I recall is that the researchers conceded that sometimes in vivo a drug or medicine performs better than it did in vitro… for in-vitro Ivermectin didn’t show it was worth a daam in the fight against Covid-19.

Some Belizeans are touting herbs, and I plugged herbs too when there was no vaccine, only masks, physical distancing, and sanitizing hands and so forth. Most modern doctors duck herbs, but our most famous doctor, Dr. Karl Heusner, was huge on it. I think Jackass bitters and sorosi were big in his colored bottles.

Our old people used herbs a lot, but if any of them came back, they would tell us, emphatically, that herbs never cured tuberculosis, polio, yellow fever, cholera, Spanish flu, and many other diseases. Herbs and good food help you to build resistance, improve your chances, but when you’re talking Covid-19 and you have the option of a WHO-recommended vaccine, face the needle.

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