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John has big dreams! (Part 13)

FeaturesJohn has big dreams! (Part 13)

Upon returning home from the reunion with the alcoholics, John went straight into the bathroom to take a nice cold bath to cool down his heated body from walking under the sun. He quickly finished and went to his bedroom to put on some clothes; thereafter, he went to the kitchen to gather something to eat. After satisfying his stomach, he lay in his hammock on the veranda, where he recalled that a work companion by the name of Charles had given him a December 22, 2014 edition of the country’s most widely read newspaper of Belize, the Amandala, so he got up and obtained it. He lay back down and began to read page by page until he stumbled upon an article which was recommended to him by Charles, entitled “The Satanic Philosophy of Neo-Liberalism.” John was intrigued by such a title and decided to continue reading. It stated:

After two hundred years of the introduction of Christianity in Belize, it is to be assumed that the majority of its inhabitants would have embraced the socialist spirit, since the basis of the teachings of Jesus Christ is a form of socialism. For this reason, the behavior of those who have taken the reins to direct the destiny of this nation is inexplicable. The name “social member” (social partner) has been given to each organization that participates in favor of the interests of those who manage the finances of the governments in turn, since each one has its own enrichment interests. As for the public treasury, benefits or gifts from other countries for the eradication of extreme poverty in which the weakest live, this sector of the population has remained in the same historical conditions. This practice by some who believe they are Christians have fallen into the satanic philosophy of neo-liberalism, a system that has benefited a few and not the majority of society, which still lacks the most essential: Social Justice.

But unfortunately, it seems that the two political parties with the greatest presence in Belize have not yet realized their mistakes, which have caused the continuation of discrimination, repression for not belonging to the same organization, oppression by not allowing an environment to live in harmony. The leaders have implemented the corrupt policy to follow with those recommendations that they think will be used to eradicate “bullying” in the educational sector and other bureaucratic dependencies. It does nothing to benefit a society that lacks justice against political parties that share the same neo-liberal philosophy. Saying that one is going to be better than the other is a fallacy and an insult to intelligent minds. For the leaders of the UDP and PUP, they believe that the neo-liberal system is perfect, and this also includes the small political parties, who cannot or do not want to see the injustice that the majority of society goes through.

At the moment the one in power is the “United Democratic Party” (UDP), which has nothing of Socialism, but with a blind belief that everyone has achieved social welfare. Unfortunately, the executive politicians of the “People’s United Party” (PUP), who are responsible for the political leadership of that organization, are of the same philosophical belief as the one in power. For this reason, the people have become skeptical, and the culture of buying votes has become unimportant, because the citizens have already learned that after the government is formed, be it from either of the two political parties, they will not be seen again, proselytizing face until after five years. It is necessary for the “People’s United Party” (PUP) to change their strategy and political philosophy from neo-liberal to “Democratic Socialism”, which is a humanist system, since we have the right. Otherwise, they will have to wait until 2022, moreover, to see if the majority of citizens are encouraged. We can see how the propagandist political machinery works, trying to make believe that everything is going great, when in reality a real transformation is needed in national life in favor of the majority classes and social sectors of the country… For a better future.

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September 11, 2022
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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