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Oceana recognizes 2 Ocean Heroes

by Khaila Gentle BELIZE CITY, Fri. Sept. 30,...

Visiting Justice Program returns to the Kolbe Foundation

The program, in which a Chief Magistrate...

La Fiesta Del Pueblo returns

by Charles Gladden ORANGE WALK, Mon. Oct. 3,...

John has big dreams— Part 9

FeaturesJohn has big dreams— Part 9

John got into the van and told his driver to take him to a supermarket, since he wanted to buy certain things that he needed. Tony obeyed the orders and took John to his destination. Immediately, he jumped out of the vehicle, went into the supermarket, and while he was looking for what he needed, he bumped into a former classmate named Sarita. They greeted each other very kindly. And John said, “Sarita, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Where have you been?”

And she answered him:

Sarita: “Look, I had a contract. I was hired by a company in Canada. And that is where I am living and working.”

John: “Ah, that’s good. I’m quite pleased. And what are you doing here?”

Sarita: “No, well, it’s vacation time, and I decided to come visit my family.”

John: “Ah, that’s nice, that’s nice, that’s nice. Say hello to your family, please.”

Sarita: “Of course. For your part, thank you. Hey, John, what do you know about the matter of seeing a product or producing marijuana for the domestic market? I don’t know if they are also going to export.”

John: “Look, I’m not really up to date about it. Just what I heard on the news. It looks like it’s going to be a business that’s going to give people a lot of work.”

Sarita: “So it seems.”

John: “I heard that they are going to see a lot of jobs and that it is a great deal.”

Sarita: “Yesÿwell. Hey, but, notice that I also heard that it is money that they will not be able to put into the banking system.”

John: “No, well, from what I also heard, it seems that they are going to open or form some type of bank to store that money. That drug is not approved in all the countries of the world.”

Sarita: “And, how are they going to do it? John, how are people going to buy their goods? I imagine they are going to be pure adults who go to work, and they are going to be people who have a family. They need to consume.”

John: “Yes,well…”

Sarita: “What money will be used to buy? In other words, I imagine that they are going to be paid from the same business that they are going to produce for. And that money, obviously, they will have to use it to make their purchases.”

John: “Well, I think so. And, I don’t know. It seems that in Belize, all the products are imported.”

Sarita: “Well, yes, almost everything. And, the services and goods that they are going to pay for. They will pay with the same money that they are going to earn from that great business.”

John: “Well, I can’t find any other explanation.”

Sarita: “Then with that money they are going to buy what they need at the stores.”

John: “Well, I think so. And the store obviously, they have to import the products.”

Sarita: “Well, yes. And to import the products they need to pay in American dollars. Not in Belizean dollars.”

John: “Well, yes. I think so.”

Sarita: “And where are they going to get the US dollars?”

John: “Well, I guess from the banks.”

Sarita: “So to buy American dollars, they will have to use the same Belizean money to be able to buy the products that are always needed, which is imported. In other words, most things are imported from other countries.”

John: “I think so.

Sarita: “Then the money will enter the international banking system. It cannot. Or, perhaps, it will be that they are going to use another type of money? But, with what money are they going to buy? How are they going to pay? The business is to do business. And it’s to make a profit. And the operating expenses, it’s quite an expense, and everything is imported. It’s imported, and they will have to buy those things. So, there’s no way, I can’t think of a way how they are going to do it without using that money. It has to be used to pay for the things they need to consume. Whether it’s food, whether it’s clothing or whether it’s electricity; whether it’s water, rent or maybe the family wants to get a house. All, all of these things are imported. A car, gasoline, oils. Everything is imported. So the money has to be used to buy that. And they will have to use the same money to

buy the other money that is used, mostly, in this part of the world to buy the goods and services that are brought here. What does it matter.”

John: “You have a point. I think you’re right about all that. But who knows how they’re going to do it. No, I don’t understand. How they’re going to do such a thing or not. They say it’s going to be a good deal or great deal. Well, that’s what they say. And, no, I find it… I’m going to tell you again that I can’ t comprehend how they are going to buy without using that money. Although we could also use credit cards, but the cards are also controlled by the banks.”

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Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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