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MOHW hosts Workplace Wellness Forum

by Khaila Gentle BELMOPAN, Tues. Aug. 9, 2022A...

BDF soldiers get land titles

by Charles Gladden BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Aug. 11,...

CITCO Youth Innovation summer camp ends

150 kids from various parts of the...

Johnny and Eamon were rich kids

FeaturesJohnny and Eamon were rich kids

No way GG Froyla could have rejected the extra perks, but I have to say I agree with those who noh happy about the raise at this time. If you look at the math, you see that one person here and one person there does not add up to 16,000 persons, so against the national expenditure totals, these increases for all the new fat cats are droplets in the bucket, but it doesn’t look good.

Johnny and Eamon see the world the same way Dean Barrow does. You do remember when Dean said that he couldn’t see why Belizeans thought his CEOs were making a mint. D Barrow didn’t grow up Belize-rich, like Johnny and Eamon and a number of dem PUPeez did, so he is a case of someone forgetting where he came from.

Johnny, the Prime Minister, and Eamon, PUP leader in the Senate, were fat children of PUP ministers, so they don’t relate to the masses. Those two guys have not known one day of hungry belly or other deprivation in their lives. It is natural for people like them to feel that those of us who have nada are destitute because of failure. I won’t belabor that, not today.
Ah, Chris Coye, their finance guru, I’ll have to do some more research, but what I’ve got is that he had childhood perks too.

Okay, we know their chaff, so we must now apply the simple rule—separate the wheat. These brothers have good points, and we must nurture, encourage them, so that they produce the best of what they have inside them. As to their chaff, we must be ever alert to call them out, because we are tired of political leaders and their baggage.

Bah, for a few dollars more, those bohgaz have taken some of the charm off our wonderful new GG.

Therapy hell, I already told you what you have to do, Patrick

Respect to Mr. Patrick Faber on his great victory at Big Bird’s Isle on Sunday. Those who are misinterpreting the numbers are either poor on arithmetic, or desperately invested in the camps that aligned against you. My gudnis, those in your party who are dismissing the 226 are blasting the architects of the UDP constitution!

Now, to national business, you got to be out of your mind, Mr. Patrick, to think that “therapy” will get you a pass to the big title of prime minister. Guy, therapy is like practice, which is no proof of capacity when the whistle blows. Therapy is like NHI, just an indication that you di try. With something as important as the post of maximum leader we can’t afford to gamble that you’ve got the ability to always be cool when around the sex with all the charm.

You’ve got to face your truth, man up, or you’ll be recidivist. Before we talk again about the difficult medicine, I notice that you have a very soft spot for your children. Now, we’ve seen the price of that, and we’re still paying for it! Braa, you can’t be PM and put your children before ours. You become PM, you must love every child, as much as you do the ones with your biology.

Now, you must have gone over the blueprint, so please noh bring no more blank bowt no therapy—from this day forward you have to swear off, like George Price did. That’s the first task for you. The second part is that, also like Father George, you must keep an entourage of mature-generation women. The reason for that is two-fold. One is for their wisdom, and the second is as a shield, insulation, protection from your frailty.

Naa, it isn’t easy being a man, Patrick, but if no one told you, what you’re seeking isn’t for a boy. You’ll have to work hard, and for the rest of your journey as UDP Party leader, and for the five years you get to lead this country, if you’re daam lucky, you’ll have to make the extreme sacrifice.

The House must have standards

Henry Charles said the 11th amendment wasn’t aimed at the present UDP House leader, and even if ih di lai through his teeth, that law to block individuals from holding the high office of area representative needed some cleaning up. Sacrilege, that law was used to remove Derek Aikman from the House.

Yap, this Section 58, the section the 11th seeks to amend, when we think first on that, we get a sour taste in our mouths because it was used to ruin the political career of Aikman, one of our bravest political leaders.

Mr. Aikman, a believer in the tourism industry when it was nothing in Belize, believed that our country needed an airline to bring in visitors, and he didn’t just talk, he took the lead. Others know the full story. What I know is that the business venture failed, and his political enemies pounced, colluded to the extreme.

How terrible, how deplorable it was for the UDP to join forces with the PUP. It has not been verified, but it has not been denied that they also colluded to block all financial assistance coming Derek’s way, so badly they wanted to get him kicked out of the House. We really need to look more closely at this saga, how they managed to have him declared a bankrupt and booted him out.

But, one terrible deed can’t ruin a good law. As the section relates to standards for individuals who run for the office of area representative, I think people who are in support of no standards haven’t studied this matter through. It’s a nice argument that the electorate should decide, but so incredibly naïve. In any country where the people are deprived, the result of perennially poor, corrupt leadership, wealth and power will skew things.

The only way wealth and power run into a roadblock in our country is when the all-powerful, all-wealthy Americans show their hand. Ah, if a too nationalistic party with a clear socialist bent emerged, the Americans would throw their weight behind the Devil to prevent them from gaining office.

There must be standards to protect the office, standards to protect the moral ground. From the very beginning of the electoral process, a message is sent to the nation, and that message must be wholesome, because it will become part of the teaching arsenal of parents, that persons who excel do so because they studied/worked hard and stayed on the right path, and those persons who fell flat did so because they took the wrong road.

War devil, Donald

On the death of Donald Rumsfeld recently, Ben Burgis, in a piece titled, “Donald Rumsfeld, Rot in Hell”, said mainstream US media commented on numerous “pointless bits of trivia”, platitudes, while totally ignoring the man’s record, which should have landed him in a courtroom to answer to war crimes.

Remember when the US described the casualties in Iraq as collateral damage? Well, Burgis’s story put some numbers to it. Burgis said that in 2006 The Lancet “estimated 654,965 ‘excess deaths’ in Iraq since the invasion in 2003…2.5 percent of the total population of the country dead as a result of the violence.”

Rumsfeld, as US Secretary of Defense, oversaw the US invasion of Afghanistan, with the official justification “that the Taliban government refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden to the United States after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” Burgis says the excuse for invading Iraq was even weaker. Rumsfeld and company said Saddam “might use ‘weapons of mass destruction’ himself, or share them with Al Qaeda.”

If you want to read Burgis’s piece it was published by JACOBIN, and it can be found at the website, jacobinmag.com.

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MOHW hosts Workplace Wellness Forum

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