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Junior Graham is a grand champion

A charge could be brought against the people called anti-vaxxers that they don’t really have love for their fellow brothers and sisters. Hmm, when they are losing the case they could try and run to a Nuremburg defense — say they weren’t really conscious of the consequences of their inaction. Check it, without vaccinations a couple or a few billion people wouldn’t be around sucking on the juice in this world. They would have been gone a long time ago.

It is a fact of all diseases that whoever doesn’t have the immune system to fight it will die, or will develop chronic illnesses. This Covid-19, the reality is that it is particularly tough on oldsters and persons that have certain medical conditions. Without a vaccine the people in that subset will have much shortened lifespans.

Most anti-vaxxers make a special effort to eat right, and they put in their exercise, and maybe most of them don’t drink or smoke. Their feelings toward those of us who aren’t as healthy as they are, is similar to what the rich feel about the poor. We know the rich think they are the haves because they are smarter and work harder, and the have-nots are less smart and/or don’t work at all.

Our healthy anti-vaxxers aren’t considering others’ genetic makeup, or life situations. Their temple is perfect, ready to take on whatever diseases that are out there, and the hospital bed or grave can take those who aren’t ready fu Covid-19. Okay, I’m not being entirely fair to them, because they are offering their solutions in the line of “other” medicines, both chemical and herbal.

I haven’t turned this one over in my little brain, but I tend to think that anti-vaxxers are big in the anti-mask congregation too. I suspect they are the ones who will talk up a storm when they are on the bus or in some other public place, because they can’t get sick, their immune systems are as strong as London.

Whoa, the quickness of the development of vaccines has given fuel to a negative cause. Más o menos, it takes about ten years for a new chemical to be synthesized and peer-reviewed before it hits the market, but ten years is never enough. That’s the story of the world. There’s new information piling on top of old information every day, some actually obliterating long-held truths and ideas.

A good thing about these vaccines is that they are based on science that has been around for some time, so how the vaccines will affect human beings has been known, within reason, long before the first person got a dose. What they didn’t know was how effective the vaccines would be against the NEW coronavirus.

I never should have had to say such bad things about anti-vaxxers, but I won’t suffer any guilt trip, because the God who judges hearts will know that it was their bad that led to my bad, and while I might not be excused from punishment because of the provocation, I believe I will get a little satisfaction seeing the provocateurs getting theirs too.

Let’s get positive. If you care for old folks, if you care for folk who might have a genetic or health weakness that makes them particularly susceptible to the virus, you will brave up and get vaccinated. You won’t be alone in the fight to protect your brothers and sisters. All over the world people are braving up for love of mankind, and I learned from the Yahoo last week, in an excerpted story they got from The Week, that among the proud good soldiers is our brother, Franklin Graham. Go, Franklin, you are a champion.

The story, titled “A pro-Trump evangelical advised getting the COVID-19 vaccine. His fans revolted”, is written by a lady, Bonnie Kristian, and I have to say to Bonnie, you go girl, thanks for bringing us the great news.

Bonnie says that Franklin, a son of the late Billy Graham (We all know Billy. Go, Billy Graham.), is a prominent evangelical himself. She said Franklin reported on social media that he’d been asked what he thought Jesus would do, if He would be an advocate for vaccines, and Franklin said Jesus would have said, YES! Junior Graham and his wife have gotten the jab.

I wasn’t planning on giving any ink to the gang that crowed him down, except for one, oh my gudnis, the fatalists. Among the seven billion people on earth, these ones have the strangest minds. What do you say to a fatalist? I had a piece about a scientific study which showed that time on a mountaintop isn’t the same as time on the ocean, that there’s a micro-second disparity between the two. You know what they are aiming at. Yep, time can go backward. Bah, writing this piece took all the energy out of me, so the time machiners will have to wait.

My, is there any way under the sun to catch up to a fatalist? It’s crazy. Fatalists do make choices, but the choices they make were already chosen. You’ll agree that I should just move on here. Hasta luego. Go get yu vaccine.

Protect the small marijuana growers…

I had a few choice bits selected from Ambassador Gibson’s piece about the weed and the hemp last week, and I also collected a few stories to draw from before I make my case for how I believe the new industry should develop, is developing, but this week I’ll just share a bit from a lady Jamaican MP who was burning fire in their parliament over the direction in which she saw the industry in her country going. I couldn’t get her name or the date she unleashed her salvo, but we’ll get there.

The following I got down almost word for word. The lady said, “…in less than 5 years there’ll be very little value in growing ganja in Jamaica…it will be just like any other commodity…the true value in the future of ganja will be in pharmaceuticals and branding…no small farmer with historical know-how will ever meet the standards now required for production…the licensing authority is approaching it as if every applicant wants to be an exporter…the established bureaucracy is locking out our small farmers…the same ones who created the product so many years ago and suffered at the hands of the police…for something which is now a global sensation and is legal in several countries…have no way of getting a slice of that cake…”

Happy Easter

This time last year we were in lockdown, and it was the worst Easter we have experienced as a nation, but we did have hopes that the pandemic would release its grip on us before too long, and that helped us through. This year it might be harder, major hard, for many more of us are without a penny to our name, but there is a glimmer of light up ahead. Things can always get worse, but the chances are at least equal that they will get better.

Things are far from the best, but we must look on the bright side, the hope that Easter Sunday brings. I pray that we all can have something special this weekend. It sure would have been great if on Easter Sunday there was some jooju cheer our government could have passed out to our kids. There isn’t, but we can pray that every household can find a piece of fish for the table, and hot cross buns, tableta, fudge, coconut tart that is slightly burnt, wangla, plastik kayk, or pitayta pong. Happy Easter, everybody!

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