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Keyron Gibson found guilty, 7 years later

SourceDayne Guy

Belize City, Mon. Oct. 4, 2021– Seven years after Tulio Caceres, 31, died after his body was riddled with as many as 17 bullets in front of Pinks Alley in 2014, Keyron Brandon Michael Gibson, was found guilty of the crime. He was today convicted of murder before Justice Herbert Lord in the Belize City Supreme Court following the conclusion of his trial in July.

Gibson’s defense attorney, Oscar Selgado, had argued in court that Gibson had not even been at the crime scene at the time the shooting occurred, but that he had instead been in Lords Bank repairing a bicycle for his cousin. Justice Lord, however, did not find the alibi to be a substantial or credible one, particularly in light of the testimony of the prosecution’s main witness, police officer Shamir Mai, who placed Gibson at the scene of the crime.

Mai, who said he was posted at the San Pedro Water Taxi Express on North Front Street in May of 2014, testified that on the day of the shooting he heard the sound of shots being fired in the vicinity of the area in which Caceres was killed. He said that, upon investigating, he saw a man firing shots at the deceased. Shortly thereafter, the shooter rode by on a bicycle, and according to Mai, he was able to get a good glimpse of the gunman’s face, and he identified Gibson as the shooter.

The prosecution’s case was further bolstered by the testimony of seven other witnesses, including Dr. Mario Estradabran, who conducted a post-mortem exam on Caceres, and certified that he had passed away after receiving 17 gunshot wounds. Gibson was convicted of murder since the necessary actus reus, and mens rea could have been established: he was placed at the scene, and identified as the murderer, and the number of bullets fired —17 shots— confirmed that he had the intention to kill.

Although the verdict was announced today, Gibson will not be sentenced until a mitigation plea is heard in court at a date to be announced. There has not yet been any indication whether he will appeal at this time.

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