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Land and Liberty

The vision that Latin America and the Caribbean countries would be ruled by the laws of the United States of America came into being before the constitution was written and was mentioned in the words of Thomas Jefferson: “Our confederacy must be viewed as the nest from which all America, North or South, is to be peopled. The continent would be settled by a people speaking the same language, governed in similar forms and by similar laws.” The above came to my mind, our dear readers of this column, after reading the press release that was published in the Amandala on Friday, June 21, 2019 under the heading “Endorsement of the Maya Forest Biological corridor in Central Belize”.

In probably a couple of my writings, I have mentioned Mexico, the Triangle of Central America and Belize as a little point between the two neighbors. As you may know, Belize has been a member of the Central American Integration System (El Sistema de la Integracion de Centroamerica – SICA) since December 2000. It doesn’t matter who says whatever they want about the Belize-Guatemala case at the International Court of Justice. The factual truth of the destiny of this country that we call Belize shall be known when the judges’ decision of such court is made public. However, it’s interesting to see how nations which were once nationalistic up to the bone marrow, have had their dignity broken through economic war and cultural commercialization.

I had mentioned to you about the Plan Puebla Panama. This was in my time, so I can speak of what I remember when this idea was formed in Washington, and when you look for it you will find that officially it was announced by former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. The idea was that from Puebla to Panama there would have been no border— the only thing that people would need to travel, work and live within that zone would be an identification card similar to that which is given out at the Mexican southern border and in Corozal. This system has already been practiced for many years between El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, where they use an I.D. card which is called a “cedula”. With that is enough to travel, live and work within those three countries. At least, I was up to date with that up till the year 2005, after that I do not know if it is still in practice. But, when we put ourselves to analyze the actual situation that is taking place in the Triangle of Central America, we can observe that, as has been widely published, thousands and thousands of people are traveling from those countries to enter the United States of America.

The actual president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who calls himself a humanist, gave a speech on the 1st of December 2018, composed of a hundred points regarding changes he would make on behalf of the people of his country, yet we know that he gave thirty million U.S. dollars to El Salvador as a gift when Mexico has 55.5 million people living in poverty. The majority of those who live in such devastating conditions are either autochthonous, indigenous or native people of this land. I wonder, do these white supremacists that use certain ideologies, believe we are fools? The United States of America cannot even solve their problem in their own country. Mexico’s neoliberalism did not start 36 years ago. Those that know about the Mexican revolution will remember the words of a great socialist hero, Emiliano Zapata, when he fought for “Tierra y Libertad”, “Land and Liberty.” He was brutally assassinated by the government of those days and up to this day, the governments of Mexico have not complied with its constitution. The same is true for the Triangle of Central America.

And even Belize, when we look at the preamble to its constitution, it has turned out to be dead words. I’ll end these thoughts by saying to you, not to be surprised should you see in a short future that Belize be included in the Triangle of Central America. Of course, it won’t lose its status quo as being English, the official language of this place where the only university of this little region will be speaking and teaching such language since it will not be of much cost for the neighboring states.

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June 22, 2019
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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