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St. Catherine Academy at 140

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LaRouche claims that Biden and “Corrupt Congress” disgraced America

FeaturesLaRouche claims that Biden and “Corrupt Congress” disgraced America

Permit me, our dear readers of this column, to present to you the below analysis which I find to be of utmost interest. The following was posted by The LaRouche Organization on their YouTube page. It is entitled, “Corrupt Congress, Biden Disgraced America, cheer NATO puppet Zelensky” and is dated December 24, 2022. It is as follows:

Good morning. I’m Harley Schlanger from the LaRouche organization with your daily video update for December 23, 2022. I’d like to begin by thanking my young colleague, Stewart Battle, for filling in for me yesterday. I think he did a superb job…. Yesterday, I was involved in interviewing Helga Zepp-LaRouche as part of our regular webcast… It was a very important interview with her. She issued an appeal to our viewers. She started by saying every thinking person is concerned by the escalation taking place in Ukraine. We’re seeing NATO moving toward crossing Russian red lines. The latest, being the decision to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine, another 1.85 billion from the United States, nearly a hundred billion dollars so far. Think what that could do to rebuild infrastructure in the United States, pay teachers, nurses, medical personnel, upgrade the transportation system, and so on. Instead, it’s going to a war where Ukraine is being crushed and has no possibility of winning. But NATO is still demanding no negotiations, keep the fight going, and in that context we had the Hollywood production of the “Zelensky ‘Does Washington” yesterday.

Now, this was really quite absurd. The idea of a former comedian who became famous by playing a teacher who gets elected president by fighting corruption, coming to power in the most corrupt government in Europe—whose expertise as a comedian included playing the piano with his penis—was in Washington playing for the Washington Congress and for the Washington inside the Beltway crowd. I think he kept his pants zipped up, but everything else was on display. He was cheered by virtually everyone from both parties in the Congress. He was compared to Churchill. Now, he does have something in common with Churchill. Both he and Churchill were involved in trying to get the United States into a war with Russia. Zelensky thanked Biden, profusely thanked the American people, then said, ‘but you’re not doing enough we need more more and more’. Like someone on the street who’s asking you for a quarter and then you give them a quarter, and he mugs you. More money is needed, he said, to win this fight. Now, to show you how bizarre it was, Senator Chuck Schumer from New York spoke about the importance of Zelensky as a leading fighter for democracy. Now, does Schumer not know that Zelensky has shuttered virtually every opposition newspaper in Ukraine? He shut down opposition political parties, his state is spying on Ukrainian citizens to see if they oppose the government line, and they fund, along with NATO in the United States, a so-called disinformation bureau which labels people like me information terrorists and puts us on a hit list. That’s democracy for Chuck Schumer.

Well, it’s not surprising that he did everything he could to try and keep Diane Sarah’s campaign from being public when she was running against him in New York. So, you can’t expect moral actions from the Congress; it is bought, totally, lock, stock and barrel, and controlled by the mainstream media… Now, one of these is the Atlantic Council which had a story yesterday quoting seven experts on what they expect from Zelensky. I’ll just call your attention to one of them, Ian Brzezinski, the son of the lunatic evil Zbigniew Brzezinski, who’s responsible for most of the wars since the 1970s that the United States has been involved in. A man of a British geopolitical nature who played the great game in Central Asia, in Afghanistan, who lured the United States into that war, lured the Russians, actually, into Afghanistan. So, the United States could then arm the terrorists to fight the Russians. Now, Ian Brzezinski, what was he saying? No negotiations, more arms and money, especially offensive weapons for Ukraine to strike Russia. These are the same talking points you get from Chatham House, and Chatham House is the Big Brother of the Council on Foreign Relations…

Now, behind me there’s a book I just started reading by one of their so-called experts, Kier Giles… Now, Giles in this book, says that the problem is how Russians think. He said that the Russians have a sense of an entitlement to an imperial policy and that the Russians are not like us. They have a different mindset, one that’s alien to us, and it’s a mistake to think you could talk to the Russians and get an honest response. I mean his basic points, I should say, that you can’t trust the Russians to negotiate fairly, therefore, there’s no use trying and the only way to deal with them is to defeat them decisively on the battlefield, and he said it’s not just Putin—he’s very much anti-Putin—but he says Putin is in the tradition of the previous Russian governments of the Czars and likely the future. Now, among the people he quotes favorably on this is the disgraced former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, one of the leaders of the Russiagate story. Clapper said, quote, “It is in Russia’s genes to be opposed, diametrically opposed to the U.S and Western democracy.” So, this is what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with an establishment which says you can’t even talk to them; the only thing you can do is defeat them on the battlefield using Ukrainian lives, Ukrainian soldiers, Ukrainian infrastructure, arm it with NATO but keep NATO at a slight distance, although that distance is shrinking as there’s training going on, there’s logistical help, there’s intelligence help, and so on.

So, we’re getting closer and closer to a real World War III, but what’s the purpose? To destroy Russia, not Russia as an imperial power, but to destroy Russia as a nation which is resisting the Western drive to colonize the entire world, to loot the raw materials, loot the labor of the population and to install a global Central Bankers dictatorship as a dollar, as a petrodollar system…. They’re moving toward a global order based on a free market Western neoliberal policy of deregulation, of privatization, of outright theft of resources and wealth and a destruction of the advanced economies in the Western Europe and the United States. And who’s helping them do it? The governments in Western Europe and the United States, as we just saw the U.S. Congress bowing down and kissing the rear end of a NATO puppet, Zelensky.

Now, I’ll have more in the next couple of days on this whole question of British intelligence’s role in Chatham House and others, but again let me encourage you to look at the interview I did with Helga Zepp-LaRouche and then let me, on a slightly different, more optimistic note, urge you to join our mobilization to fight for the negotiations to take place. If they can take place at the Vatican as the Pope has offered that as a place for discussion with no preconditions. Fine. We have a mobilization to do that so you can join us, and in the meantime let me wish you and your families and all our viewers a Merry Christmas.

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December 26, 2022
Finca Solana
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