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Leslie Sharp writes B.H. Football Association in 1971

First Letter
August 25, 1971
Mr. Gilmore Hinkson
Secretary, B.H. Football Association
Belize City

Dear Mr. Hinkson,
Below is a summarized account of the dominating footballers in the Districts as far back as I can recall.


Period 1945-1950: Main Teams – Wembley; C.A.C.; Saxon. Outstanding players: Delfino Marcello; Joe Mike; Matthew Martinez; Marshal Vicente; Cecilio Cacho (wings); Naco Ysaguirre; Kuylen Brothers.

Period 1950-1952-53: Football dormant.

Period 1953-1968: Main Teams – Queens Park Rangers, Sponsored by the B.H. Citrus Company. Goalkeepers – Horncraft Castillo; Frank Lightburn; Orlando Orio; Douglas Ramos. Defence – Hugh Waite; Jimmy Miller; Crispin Blanco (Blackmint); Hubert Westby (Sleepy); Ricardo Reyes (Tino). Half-Line – Delfino Marcello (Vice Captain); Jerry Sharp; Holbert Westby (Dodo); Raymond Cacho; Cito Ellis; Billy Gill; Rodwell Leslie; Allan Jackson. Forwards – L. W. Sharp (Captain & Founder); Peto Haylock; Joe Mendez; Matthew Martinez; Hector Silva; Daniel Lino (Donn D); Victor Martinez (Tobruk); Wallace Smith (Smithie); Fred Martinez.

N.B. In my opinion, the greatest player ever produced by Stann Creek and probably this country is Delfino Marcello, who started playing in 1935 at the age of 17, and is still playing in the Company’s Inter-Departmental Football Competition in the Corozal District.


Except for the Inter District Competition which Orange Walk has won once, very little is known of their prowess in this sport over the past 20 years. However, they have a very promising group with outstanding players like: Orvin Hendricks (Stud); Emilio Chable (Caranza); Celso Quijano (Chaparo); Winston Gavilan (Tamango).


Corozal District, like Orange Walk, has never done very well outside of their areas. However, they have produced players of a high caliber, such as: Orlando Orosco; Johnny Martinez; Adolfo Martinez; Rommy Martinez; Nelito Martinez; Enrique Martinez; Jaime Craig; Eddy Lawrence.

Although never ever having won an Inter District Competition, Corozal District is unique in being the first one to produce a team outside of Belize City to win the League Championship.

The team referred to here is the San Joaquin Football Club which won the All B.H. K.O. Competition 1969; second place in the League Championship in 1969. They won the B.H. League Championship 1970 & 1971. In addition to this, they emerged victors of a Quadrangular Championship during 1970 in Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

The Sponsor of this team is Mr. Raymond Ysaguirre, backed by the Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. The Coaches for the past three years are, Mr. Jose Castro (Tito) and Mr. L. W. Sharp.

The key players over this period were: Goalkeeper – Alton Mossiah. Defence – Dionicio Tek; Fabiolo Cowo; David Herstig; Ricardo Reyes; Ernest Miguel. Half-Line – Jesus Lima; Leocario Mayen (Malanga); Florentino Cowo (Chel); William Gill (Billy). Forwards – Fred Martinez; Wallace Smith; Thomas Mendez, Jr.; Raymond Alvarez (Mole); Christopher Mayen (Chris); Enrique Belisle (Beeks); Cornelio Martinez (Nelito); Gabriel Arana (Paddy); Antonio Arana (Tony); Prospero Campos; Pablo Francisco.

You may extract from the abovementioned whatever information you may consider of interest to the readers.
(signed) L.W. Sharp

Second Letter

August 27, 1971

Dear Mr. Hinkson,
In addition to what I have already supplied in my letter to you on the 25th August, 1971, below is information that I have compiled to the best of my recollection of football in the Cayo District over the past 20 years.

From 1952 to 1955, Cayo had a very prominent team called “Los Tropicales.” Their outstanding players were: Pappy Habet; Earl Haylock; The Lisbey Brothers; Bedran.
I have very little knowledge of what happened to them between 1956 and 1964 while I was away.

In 1965 to 1970 Cayo has returned to the limelight, particularly in 1970 and 1971, with their “Avengers” team, which was most unlucky not to have won the Competition, as they were the most skillful and attractive of all the teams during the past two seasons.

The success of this team is based on their coach Mr. Alwyn Smith and skills of: Pappy Smith; Pilis Neal; Maya Ortega; Teo Lennon; Speedy Henry; Timmy Bedran.

Kindly substitute the correct names where nicknames have been used.

Below are the names of persons whom I have chosen for the districts to play against the St. George’s Old Boys Association team, which you may include in your brochure if you deem it worthwhile.

SAN JOAQUIN – Ricardo Reyes (Captain); Leocario Mayen; Johnny Martinez; Jesus Lima; David Herstig; Raymond Alvarez; Alton Mossiah (Goalkeeper); Christopher Mayen.
AVENGERS – Speedy Henry (Vice Captain); Timmy Bedran; Pilis Neal; Teo Lennon; Pappy Smith.

ORANGE WALK – Orvin Hendricks; Emilio Chable; Winston Gavilan (Goalkeeper).

STANN CREEK – Fred Martinez; Daniel Lino.

Total – 18 players. All the best.

(signed) L.W. Sharp
Cc: Mr. R. Ysaguirre

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