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Less Restrictions after more vaccinations, says Chebat

Belmopan, Fri. Sept. 3, 2021– A number of Covid-19 related matters were discussed during Friday’s House of Representatives meeting. During the proceedings, on the heels of a declaration by Prime Minister Hon. John Briceño that the country is in possession of enough vaccinations to vaccinate every man and woman in Belize from ages twelve to one hundred, the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Moses “Shyne” Barrow, posed a question to the Cabinet that many Belizeans have been pondering for some time now: “Will the Minister of Health and Wellness please say why COVID-19 restrictions have not been lifted for those citizens who have been fully vaccinated?”

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Hon. Michel Chebat, responded by stating that antivaxxers continue to cause challenges and disadvantages for the vaccinated. He also told the Opposition Leader to do some groundwork and encourage his constituents to get vaccinated:

“It is a valid (question), and it is one that we have been discussing time and time again. However, Madam Speaker, to start rolling out the benefits in a more tangible way, we need to have more people vaccinated. Currently, we have 39.7% with one dose and 17% fully vaccinated. This is the only way we can open up our country, Sir. What you should invest some time in doing, member, is perhaps traveling on the Southside of Belize City, encouraging the constituents of the Southside to come out and get vaccinated. This is the way for us to move our country forward, Mr. Leader. This is the only way to protect our people from this deadly virus. No pantry, no community vote, no other assistance can impact the lives of our people like the way the vaccinations can. So please, Sir, I invite you to encourage your constituents and the constituents of those on your side to organize and to come out and get vaccinated.”

Hon. Barrow then rose with a follow-up question — asking whether the GOB believes it would inspire more people to get vaccinated if restrictions were lifted for those who are fully vaccinated. Hon. Chebat simply followed up with one statement before that discussion was closed:

“When the time comes that we have more persons fully vaccinated, benefits will be accorded to them.”

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