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Letter to the Editor: Trustees respond to Mario Chavarria

LettersLetter to the Editor: Trustees respond to Mario Chavarria

February 11, 2016

Dear Editor:

We write in reference to a letter concerning the Public Sector Workers’ Trust in your newspaper, dated Sunday February 7, 2016 and signed by Mario Chavarria, purportedly for and on behalf of the Toledo District Beneficiaries.

In the said letter, Mr. Chavarria, inter alia, accused the Trustees of refusing “to execute the trust based on its original objectives.” As far as we are aware, the “original objectives” of the Trust are detailed in GOB Circular # 9 of 1996 dated 21st October 1996, and specify that the Trust is to “fund various projects for the benefit of all government employees.” This objective was codified in the actual Trust Deed dated August 29, 2013.

Can Mr. Chavarria state, what in his opinion, are the “original objectives” of the Trust and furthermore, provide a documented source for his opinion?

In his penultimate paragraph, it was noted that, “Most of us are living on fixed incomes and need every penny for our survival.” Indeed, on a countrywide introductory tour by the Trustees, it was discovered that many retirees/beneficiaries are living in challenging situations and that health issues were prominent among their major concerns.

At this time, the Trust has just completed its first year of operations and has commissioned a financial audit, which is expected to be completed later this month. In our first year, we started a loan scheme and provided loans at the lowest rate of interest in this country.

In our second year of operations, we expect to focus on projects in the health sector to alleviate some of the challenges facing our beneficiaries. We also expect to develop a financial guide and toolkit to assist persons nearing retirement to better cope with post-retirement financial issues.

Our office has been established on NGO Crescent in Belize City. We urge all retirees to call or visit to obtain factual information about the operations of the Trust and we remain open to suggestions regarding any viable projects that can be undertaken for the benefit of all government employees and their families.

With every good wish,

Trustees, Public Sector Workers’ Trust,
Philip Castillo; Raymond Davis; Nadia Caliz; Simon Arana
NGO Crescent, Belize City, Tel: 223 7798 Fax: 223 0977, Email: [email protected].

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