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Letter to the Editor: Even the Vatican…

Dear Editor,

Belizeans must be among the most charitable and patient people on earth for putting up with the charade that describes politics in Belize. While it’s always a good idea to live in the present and not be encumbered with the past — which is gone and cannot be changed or influenced in any way — in reading the Editorial in this paper dated July 27 with its recitation of some of the more recent examples of overt GOB malfeasance, I found it impossible to ignore reaching one of two miserable conclusions, neither of which bodes well for the future of Belize.

First of all, one can conclude that the Government—despite their own opinion of their individual merits — is simply incompetent and not up to the task of governing, in which case the “Honorable” members should find another profession where they would do less harm; running a lemonade stand comes to mind, can’t do too much harm there, I suppose.

Secondly, it could be argued that ALL governments are corrupt (even the Vatican!) but with Belize, as seen time and time again, the real problem is IMPUNITY. Unlike the poor soul caught with a nickel bag of weed, who is soon on his way to Hattieville, politicians, their cronies and business partners ALWAYS avoid prosecution. These people will look you right in the eye and proclaim that any aspersions directed their way are nothing more than slanderous and baseless accusations! Where are the anti-corruption laws? What about accountability?

It’s long overdue for the citizens of Belize to DEMAND transparency from their SERVANTS in government, and long overdue that they recognize that it’s the very people responsible for the stability of the country who have no respect for the rule of law.

What these people with their lack of candor forget is that we are all born with built in bull…t detectors, and that like many a prize-fighter has said about his opponent, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

All Best….Russell Czarnecki

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