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Limited talk on talent, nepotism, and politicians

PM Briceño took a lot of flak last week for telling a 7News reporter that key jobs and board appointments given out by his government that could be considered nepotistic placements weren’t that many, especially when we factor in that …Belize is a small society, we have limited talent…

A day or so after his comment, the PM offered an apology to those who expressed indignation over what he said. The PM told Channel Five that his party won twenty-six seats and they put in forty people in high places from their DNA/good buddy talent pool. The PM said Belizeans are talented, that over the years his private businesses had hired hundreds of them, and he regretted that some of us had been offended by his statement.

Nepotism is the hiring or appointment of someone who is related by blood or close friendship to the boss, and in the strict sense it applies to both private and public businesses, but there is a vast difference between the two, except in cases where the private business gets so large that its failure would have serious repercussions for a society.

What happens in the public domain is always consequential, because we are all direct shareholders in every business the government is engaged in, and we rise and fall with their performance. So, we have every right to question who gets hired/appointed, and especially at this time, with things being so dread, we would have preferred for the new GoB to reach deeper into the broader talent pool.

Hmm, we do have to accept that a small population size does limit the number of persons with cutting edge talent, so we aren’t likely to ever win the World Cup.

Talking nepotism…Doctors Melissa and Manza…we just traded one for the other, and the rate of Covid-19 infections went down, down, down. Oh, it was said by some that Dr. Melissa got the job through sick nepotism, but no one questioned the lady’s talent.

We don’t have enough evidence to take us to the verdict that in the fight against Covid-19, Dr. Melissa is better than Dr. Manza, because there are a number of variables involved here, and because of these variables we also can’t say that the PUP has been carrying on a better fight against the crippling disease than the UDP had. But in a world where the most emphasis is on the bottom line, the present reading is that the PUP and Dr. Melissa have a better game than the UDP and Dr. Manza did.

By the way, what is wrong with these veteran dudes at the Public Services Commission? One was appointed a UDP senator and made a minister in a UDP government and the other was the editor of the UDP newspaper and is the husband of the UDP area rep for Albert. My gudnis, they are clutching the Constitution. They say it gives them the right to stay in their jobs and frustrate the hell out of Minister Henry Charles. I think those bohgaz are embarrassing the Constitution. They are providing damning testimony that we should burn it and make a new one.

The PUP, the maestros of catchy songs, if nothing else, are singing dehn have to go, dehn have to go. Brothers, go before the police grab unu by unu pants behind. Stop embarrassing the Constitution!

Talking bregging…Orange Walkeños… it must be that people from that district feel they are ehm, better than the rest of us, and if so it could be because their capital is called Shuga City, and sugar has been king in Belize forever. Remember when DPM Vega said his family wasn’t normal? Okay, some took offense, but I didn’t, because I deal with facts, I like to think so.

Mr. Vega is a successful businessman, and you really can’t argue with the bottom line. Mr. Vega is a lot more successful at business than most of us, and business isn’t marbles or hopscotch, it’s the engine of the world. Of course, we found out later that Mr. Vega might also be a dirty rotten crook, but that might be a completely unrelated story.

Turning to PM Briceño, well, like his predecessor, Dean Barrow, monetary success is written all over him, so he didn’t need our job. He has to be some confident in himself indeed, confident that he and his party will point us to recovery quickly, or he couldn’t have been so bold in these hard times to have his party hire friends and faamli. But he did a gulp and apologized because municipal elections are right around the bend, and the rotten UDP, those disappointing managers of the economy, are the masters of the political games.

Talking politicians…they are people who feel like they are God’s gift, and while they are not the only people who feel that way about their gifts, they are the only people faysi enough to say it out loud, throw their colors in the popularity contest, and accept being told that they’re only in it fu teef, before and after the ballots are counted.

Nowhere on earth do you find politicians who are humble. It doesn’t go with the territory. They feel they are it, and that some of their family are it, and that’s one of the reasons why wherever governments form, family and close friends are in the mix. There is no law that says a blood relative or someone with whom one spends a lot of time hanging out, must not get any plum jobs or be placed on strategic boards.

Politicians are an arrogant breed, and arrogance is a close cousin to madness, and the only way to handle madness is to humor it. There’s a ton of unused tolerance about since a certain crowd started agitating for full acceptance, so we have the supply to spread around. We might not want to spend such a precious virtue on political animals, but we have to, because of their rabid nature.

That is what they are. A lot of people used to sing about the fine example of a democracy up north between Mexico and Canada, but that great democracy couldn’t harness their leader when he started acting up like a wild horse. No, they had to ehm, teef the elections to get him out.

PM needs to ehm…apologize to Pere

PM Briceño should not have called the popular Pere a fool because he uttered foolishnis about the state of the economy. Give the prize to DPM Hyde for his proper psychoanalysis. The DPM said Pere is a funny guy, which, when translated, means he (Pere) is playing clown. There is good news, though, and we have to hand it to Pere’s mom, because her boy is no real liar. He must have got his proper share of whipping to cure of him of the devil’s sin.

They say to be a good disciple of Satan you have to keep a good file, and man, Pere was going around in circles, all mix up…first the inherited economy was good, then Barrow warned them, then they should have been better prepared for the task.

I say, Pere would never make a good prime minister, because sohn time a leader haffu lie, and when a gud leader mutilate truth, dehn stick to dehn story. Brother, there is capital a plenty residing in the vice of well-thought out deception.

Ah, I don’t have the hair off the horse tail in my hand, but I believe two excellent suspicious sources are at North Front Street and at the split between Albert Street Main and Albert Street West, where the former might be able to give us disclosure about a dishonored IOU and the latter the full story behind an empty charitable projects contract reportedly brokered by a Good Samaritan.

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