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To live in peace and harmony

Crime has turned out to be a national concern, and we now listen and read many opinions addressing this concern, including those from foreign personalities who have come to Belize to study the situation and, thereafter, give their report on the reason why the criminal activity has been occurring and their recommendations on how to solve such problems. However, for some reason or the other it seems as if nothing has been able to work, including the projects that were set forth by governments and their NGO allies. It is obvious that such a situation cannot be solved because it had turned out to be a big business, even though it leaves many of the society in pain as a result of the loss of their loved ones.

Let me repeat once more that crime is a big business. When we go into history and learn about all these criminal actions, there was always someone at the head or a mastermind, who created situations that led to the recruitment of great fighters, like the great gladiators, or in other instances the bastard sons and daughters of the society who with time became contracted assassins. Later on, these same persons became professionals in the handling of swords and knives etc. Nevertheless, should Belize’s persons of wealth and authority have the will to solve this problem it can be done with their hands, since it is not difficult. The only thing is that to receive, one needs to give.

We already know that in the neoliberal capitalist system, there is no such thing as welfare; however, the philosophy is to squeeze out the last drop of blood from the employed and unemployed working class. But should the “Belize ring of power” decide one of these days to have a country free of crime, start looking in your constitution, the one that was given to you to rule a little piece of land with a small amount of inhabitants as if it would be the leader of the Central American Union. Of course, I am referring to Great Britain, whose role is to be a weight to regulate the European Union’s sociopolitical and economic system in support of a greater movement called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

However, let me go back to the way the government is set up in Belize according to its constitution. I think by now this has been well-published in the Amandala through Mr. Henry Gordon’s weekly column and I hope those of you have taken advantage and have educated yourselves on how the three powers, legislative, executive, and judicial, are set up precisely to obtain good governance in this Westminster parliamentary democratic system. Nonetheless, in my belief, I think that it had done no good for the majority of Belizeans. It has served only to benefit the few of the privileged class.

For Belize to achieve democracy, power should be vested by the people, for the people and with the people. Whichever system that wants to call itself democratic without the participation of the people, is a lie. So then, it is my belief that those of you intellectuals, the status quo, and the “Belize ring of power”, need to sit, analyze and come up with a constitution which reflects equality and a fair distribution of the wealth. Whatever is outside of that, is a crime called CORRUPTION, which is also a sin in the eyes of God, our Creator. So again I say unto you, sets of vipers, hypocrites who pray in public with a whole lot of noise — not because God is deaf, but because you do so to impress humans like yourselves —instead of just talking, walk the steps of the great teacher of all times, Jesus Christ.

We as human beings need to have regulations so that we can learn to be disciplined citizens, but not by a set of corrupted beasts. Therefore, we need to have a system where we can elect the three powers that make up the government and we can remove them whenever we see that they are not working on behalf of the community on a whole. So, as a people, we should have a constitution where we elect the legislative, executive and the judiciary; if not we will continue to be controlled as was the case in the time of the feudal era, where the monarchy, the noble and the bourgeoisie, presided over the fief as modern slaves. Human rights is another ideological subject that we need to look into and discuss to get a better understanding of where it starts and where it ends. We all have a right to liberty, but we do not have the right to abuse the rights of others. Whosoever does so, is also breaking the laws of God, nature and man. Think about it, our dear readers of this column, and with all humbleness, I expect a good understanding of the above — a message that can influence us to live in peace and harmony.

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July 5, 2019
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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