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Macario Tzib, 48, found murdered at home

SAN IGNACIO, Cayo District, Tues. Apr. 9, 2019– A retired park ranger, Macario Tzib, 48, who was employed as a security guard and lived alone in a one-flat timber house on Thornley Street, San Ignacio, was found dead in his home.  A stench in the neighborhood that seemed to be coming from the direction of Tzib’s house prompted a neighbor of Tzib to call his landlord, and they went to the house, where they found Tzib lying face-up on his bed in a state of decomposition.

He was seen with stab wounds in his chest and abdomen, and his throat had been slashed.

Police took the body to a medical facility on the Boom-Hattieville Road, Belize District, where a post-mortem exam was conducted and on conclusion, the doctor who carried out the exam, certified that Tzib’s death was caused by hypovolemic shock due to internal and external exsanguinations as a result of a cut throat, and stab wounds in the chest.

Reliable information to us is that Tzib was last seen cleaning his yard at about 11:00 Saturday morning. The neighbors said that they did not see nor hear any commotion in the house.

Tzib is originally from Bullet Tree, Cayo District, but moved from the village years ago to live in San Ignacio, to be close to his workplace at the Big H juice factory in that town.

ASP Daniel Iche, Commander of San Ignacio police, said that nothing much is yet known about the murder, but they are looking for two men who they believe can help the investigation.

ASP Iche said that they do not believe that a robbery that occurred at Tzib’s workplace was connected to the murder.

ASP Iche is calling for public assistance in solving the case and anyone who has information that can help is urged to contact the San Ignacio police at 804-2022, or the nearest police station.

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