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Maud Williams High School and Wesley College celebrate graduates

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. June 14, 2018– In Tuesday’s Amandala, we reported on the graduations of St. Catherine Academy, St. John’s College, and Edward P. Yorke High School, which all occurred in the first weekend in June.

Just a few days later, Maud Williams High School held their graduation on Wednesday, June 6.

Maud Williams’ top three students were Krisilia Torres, Unique Dominguez, and Keandra Martin. There were 32 graduates and the theme for their graduation was “Visionaries on a responsible mission.”

In an interview with us, Torres, a science, biology and chemistry major, said that she was the first person from her family to graduate with honors and she is proud of herself, because she was doubtful of herself, and did not think she would be valedictorian.

According to Torres, the most difficult part of the 4-year journey, apart from getting work done on time and coping with other problems, was the financial weight that her family had to shoulder. The most memorable part, however, was getting to know her classmates and teachers with their colorful personalities.

Her favorite subject is biology and she plans to go to the University of Belize to study pharmacy, and then to go abroad to study forensics.

Mayor Bernard Wagner was the guest speaker at the school’s graduation ceremony, and he spoke to the students about his life, struggles, and successes in an effort to encourage them to believe in their abilities and achieve their dreams.

Wesley College also joined in the graduation season as they held their graduation yesterday, June 13. In 1882, Wesley College was the first high school opened in Belize by the Methodist Church. It was an all boys’ college until the 1960’s, when it became a co-ed school. It was also the first school to have a sixth form.

Their top three students were Jawaan Miranda, Tahj Hemmans, and Chandiana Samuel. They had 147 graduates and their guest speaker was Dr. Dionne Chamberlain-Miranda. She spoke to the students about her own experience, and how she had no interest in high school at first. Despite this, she wanted the students to know that anyone can achieve his or her goals and be successful, and a credit to their communities.

Their graduation was held in the Civic Center — the first graduation to be held there.

We were unable to get an interview with the school’s valedictorian, but we noted that many of the fourth form students were members of Wesley’s school band, including Miranda. In his speech, he mentioned that contrary to popular belief, extracurricular activities don’t have to hinder school performance. A person can get good grades and still be a part of an activity, such as music.

This is something the school would like to emphasize, as well.

We’ll be looking out for other high school graduations, and in Tuesday’s edition we will try to feature Nazarene’s graduation, as well as the University of Belize’s graduation.

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