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Two men charged for Kenora Ara’s horrendous murder

HeadlineTwo men charged for Kenora Ara’s horrendous murder

BELMOPAN, Cayo District, Thurs. Mar. 16, 2017–It appears that police have solved the horrendous murder of Kenora Gabby Ara, 18, of Blackman Eddy whose corpse was found smoldering and burned almost beyond recognition after she was stabbed multiple times and her throat slit by cold-hearted killers.

The horrifying discovery was made at the Belmopan rubbish dump at about 3:30 Saturday afternoon by a security guard working at the dump at the time, who took a patrol behind the dump to investigate a stench that was aggravating his nostrils. He found the corpse on the ground.
At the time, the body could not be identified.

Belmopan police’s investigation led to two men and a woman. At the conclusion of the investigation this evening at press time, police announced that Shalon Santos, 19, of Teakettle, Cayo District, and Jaime Patnett, 23, of Camalote, had been arrested and charged with murder. They will be arraigned tomorrow at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court. The woman was not charged.

One of the men is reportedly Ara’s ex-boyfriend.

Sherlene Mai, Ara’s mother, said that she wants justice for her daughter, and that her daughter did not deserve such brutality and cruelty. Mai said that the death of her daughter left a hole in her heart which cannot be filled, because her daughter was her heart, and now she is dead.

Mai told the media that she last saw her daughter at about 10:00 Saturday morning when she left home to go to Santa Elena, Cayo District, but she had not taken her phone charger.

Later on that Saturday evening, she called her daughter, but her call went to voicemail. Mai, however, thought nothing of it and believed that her daughter’s phone’s battery was dead. She was not worried also, because Kenora was supposed to be at her cousin’s house in Santa Elena.

However, sometime that Saturday night, her son, who was sleeping, got up and told her that his dad, who had died a while ago, came to him and said that his sister Kenora is dead, and that she was at a rubbish dump. Mai claims that she told her son that that could not be true, but her son was adamant that his sister was dead.

On Sunday morning, she again tried to contact her daughter, but her efforts were in vain.

Shortly after, her neighbor told her that Superintendent Howell Gillett Commander of Belmopan Police was calling people to come to the morgue in Belmopan to identify tattoos that were found on a female body.

The neighbor said that she had identified the tattoos.

Mai could not believe, and she and her neighbor went to the Roaring Creek Police Station to see the photos of tattoos on the corpse, and her heart sank. Those were the tattoos that were on her daughter. They then went to the morgue, and they identified Kenora.

Mai is at a loss as to why her daughter was killed in that manner.

Police impounded a car believed to be linked to the crime. They searched a house in Belmopan, where they found evidence which they strongly believe will help their case against the suspected killers.

Kenora was a football player and was well-known and liked in her home village.

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