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Mennonites throw away thousands of liters of water

The waste is carried onto rice crops in the Los Chenes region, with the consent of the authorities, while in other parts of the State the liquid is lacking.

May 1, 2019 – Poresto!

HOPELCHEN, Campeche, April 30– In the mountain region, where drought is overwhelming and care must be taken of every drop of water, millions of liters of this vital liquid are wasted by the Mennonites who have started the practice of rice planting, which is traditionally practiced in the area of   the rivers of the municipality of Palizada. In this way, while other countries lack water and take care of it, in the Mennonite area known as Santa Fe, thousands of liters of the vital liquid are thrown away for minutes to irrigate the rice crop, at the consent of the authorities of the three levels of government.

“Nobody stops this disaster, much less the National Water Commission, just an example of Saint John the Baptist Sahcabchen, who oppose giving up their land for rent at the foolish idea of   governments who allow this natural disaster,” said angry residents. “The Mennonites are already leaving us without trees in our jungles, they have turned us into an ecological disaster, with bulldozers tractors they have thrown thousands of hectares and now they want to leave us without water for only cultivating more than 500 hectares of Rice,” they said. The Mennonites argue that the water pumps were cast away, to eject a larger diameter tube to draw the water and run into the drains made and furrow the canals so that the water flows within the hundreds of hectares of cereal. “As long as the gods love us, even if the angels shout, it doesn’t matter, we have the permits,” the Mennonites said when they were told that it is a sin to throw away a lot of water every day that passes.

In this region, the peasants said that in a short time they have left them without water because of the industrial quantity that is used daily, because of the way the water is removed with larger engines, apart from the drains that they dig being a meter and a half high; they turn these into a river and they are kilometers away where the rice is irrigated. Hopefully the authorities already avoid the water dump and only produce seasonal produce. The Mennonites only arrived to exploit the water and the land and leave us without the trees, since even coal is sold clandestinely and the authorities extend the permits for money.

They warned that the countryside will lose its natural resources if the cheneros do nothing to stop this ecological disaster, and they will run out of water in a short time as a result of the irrigation system which has been set up to support the growth of certain crops — first thousands of hectares of watermelon in all the colonies, then the tomato, now the rice which in this area is not suitable for planting.

(Jorge Amado Caamal Ek)

[email protected]
August 16, 2019
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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