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Elements Team of Belize City leads 8-Ball

SportsElements Team of Belize City leads 8-Ball

BELMOPAN, Wed. Feb. 18, 2015–The results of the 12 matches played in the Mike’s 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan on Sunday, February 15, at Mike’s Cue Club are as follows:
Match 1: Las Flores won Pelayo’s Electrical by default, 3-0.  On the line-up for Las Flores were: Salvador Orellana, Oscar Avelar and Julio Hernandez, who were credited with the points.

Match 2: Twin Stars won Capital Sales, 2-1. Twin Stars’ Ernest Turner won David Mejia, 3-2; and Manuel Barientos won Elmer Rodas, 3-2.  For Capital Sales, it was Jose Alvarenga over Sam Yam, 3-1.

Match 3: Set-Up won Special Effects, 3-0. For Set-Up, Floyd Thimbrel won Thomas Myers, who both play each other at Charishma frequently, 3-2; Sheridan Lemoth won Edmund Guy, 3-2 (This is after Edmund could have won, but tried to delay the game for his teammate to show-up; but Lemoth made him pay, surprising him with some crucial shots to win overall); and Ruben Ruiz got the “W” over David Fernandez by default, 3-0.  David stayed to play a tournament in Cayo, hoping he would have been victorious; but, as they say, he swam far to drown.

Match 4: Elements of Belize City won Set-up, 2-1. Elements’ top shooters, Larry Lisbey won Floyd Thimbrel, 3-0; and Manuel Ramos won Kenny Arnold, 3-1.  For Set-Up, it was Ruben Ruiz with a sweet victory, like driving his car, over Marvin Cardona, 3-0, to give his team a point and save the blow-out.

Match 5: Pelayo’s Electrical, after not showing up for the first match, came up big and won Special Effects, 3-0.  For Pelayo’s Electrical, it was Luis Usher over Edmund Guy, 3-1; Johnny Betancourt over Thomas Myers, 3-1; and Arturo Pelayo over Ernest Borland by default, 3-0.

Match 6: BRC Shooters won Cotton Tree, 2-1.  For BRC, Wayne Wiltshire slowed down Mario Lopez, who was one of the two players with most wins, 3-1; and Tim Banman shot superbly over Roberto Sanabria, 3-2.  For Cotton Tree, it was Danilo Rivera hurting Erwin Woodye, 3-0.

Match 7: Las Flores won Shattaz, 2-1.  For Las Flores, Oscar Avelar won Juan Villanueva, 3-2; and Salvador Orellana won Juan Gusman, 3-1.  For Shattaz, it was their captain, Elder Paredes over Moises Aguirre, 3-1.

Match 8: Elements won Capital Sales, 3-0.  Elements’ Wilman Mejia won Jose Alvarenga, 3-2; Marvin Cardona won Alejandro Ico, 3-2; and Larry Lisbey won Elmer Rodas, 3-0, which was Larry’s second blow-out game for today.

Match 9: Pelayo’s Electrical, again looking good, won Cotton Tree, 3-0.  For Pelayo’s Electrical, Johnny Betancourt blanked Roberto Sanabria, 3-0; Luis Usher won Danilo Rivera, 3-2; and owner Arturo “Bruce” Pelayo defeated Raul Rodriguez, 3-2.

Match 10:  Las Flores won BRC Shooters, 3-0.  For Las Flores, Salvador Orellana won Wayne Wiltshire, 3-1; Oscar Avelar won Ashton Vanegas, 3-2; and Julio Hernandez won Tim Banman, 3-2.

Match 11: Twin Stars won Shattaz, 2-1.  Twin Stars’ Sam Yam won Rony Ramos, 3-2; and Ernest Turner won Erwin Paredes, 3-0.  For Twin Stars’, once again, captain Elder Paredes got the win over Manuel Barientos, 3-1.

Match 12:  Special Effects won Capital Sales, 2-1.  For Special Effects, Edmund Guy won Carlos Rodas, 3-0; and Thomas Myers won Jose Alvarengas, 3-1.  Capital Sales’ Alejandro Ico got the “W” over Duane Garbutt by default.

STANDINGS TO DATE: Elements, 17 pts; Pelayo’s Electrical, 14 pts; Special Effects, 13 pts; Shattaz and Twin Stars both have 11 pts; BRC Shooters, Set-Up and Las Flores all have 10 pts; Cotton Tree and Capital Sales both have 6 pts.

PLAYERS WITH MOST WINS (5) TO DATE: Elder “Small Chino” Paredes and Johnny Betancourt.
Games continue on Sunday, February 22, starting at 1:00 p.m. ………….RACK ‘EM UP!!!!

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