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Miss Belize, Tanisha Vernon’s “letter to Belize”

Dear Belize,
As your humble queen, Tanisha Vernon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for believing and supporting me. It came to my attention on Monday, July 28, 2008, that I was not Miss Belize and that my title was stripped earlier in the year.
Like many of my fellow Belizeans, I am confused by such claims. I left Belize on June 30 to America for a vacation after I was told that I will not be going to the Miss Universe pageant. Before leaving Belize, I had carefully explained to my country the reasons why I was not given the opportunity to go to Vietnam.
But yet, the very same organization wanted me to represent Belize in the Miss International Pageant in November. Due to many broken promises, such as not receiving any of my prizes, especially the scholarship, which was the main reason for my participation, I decided not to attend any more pageants with Pageants Belize.
To my recollection, I left my country as Miss Belize. I believe that as the queen, I am obligated to know when my title was taken away, and why was it not announced publicly, stating the reason why my title was stripped.
The Pageants Belize website speaks for itself; it proves that Miss Iris Jessie Medina is still a runner up. Why was it not changed to Miss Belize Universe months ago?
I am not upset that a new Miss Belize was crowned, because there must come a time when my reign ends. But it is the principles and the circumstances by which it has been done. Not only that it is unfair to me, but as well, to the people of Belize. It is degrading enough that our queens are treated this way; now we are losing the prestige and respect that the Miss Belize pageant stands for. I’m sure that the nation sees what Pageants Belize really represents.
I hope this might be my last appeal to the government and the country of Belize. It is not about me anymore, but about our country, Belize, and what we stand for as a nation.
Thank you,
Miss Belize
(Signed) Tanisha Vernon
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