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Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist

With all that’s happening in the news and around us today, I thought it would be an opportune time to share a piece by a good friend of mine from SpokenWord501, Mr. Kyraan Gabourel. Of course, the written piece will be great, but nothing compares to watching Kyo D’Assassin pump his soul, passion and unequivocal vigour as he brings his pieces to life.

I share with you “Di Revolution Noh Wahn Be Stream Live”:
Yu1 wahn2 kyant3 stay home
Yu wahn kyant go pahn Facebook
fi4 comment & troll bowt5
Yu wahn kyant geh6 lost eena7 Love & Hip Hop
Empire and Snapchat
Kaaz8 di9 revolution noh wahn be stream live
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live
Di revolution noh wahn be brought to you
By Aflac during di NBA series
Ih10 noh wahn show di PM di blow wa11 horn
di play “God Saves The Queen”
with di Wesley Methodist Choir
Backed up by di Imperial Band
Fi goh eat Boil Up
weh12 dehn tek weh 13from Mercy Kitchen
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live
Di revolution noh wahn be sponsored by NICH
Nor ih wahn have Madame Haylock
or Leroy Green as dehn14 star
Di revolution noh wahn mek15 life easy
Ih noh wahn tun16 yu paati17 into bashment
Ih noh wahn gi18 yu quality and savings
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live, Bileezyans19
Yu noh wahn si 20noh picha21 with Yu & J A
di rob Hofius during wa riot
or di try strap wa flat screen
pahn22 top of wa beech krooza23
Di Boledo Queen no wahn able
fi predict di winner afta nine, nationwide
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live
Yu noh wahn si Babylon
Di buss shot24 aata25 people
pahn YouTube or Flipogram
Yu no wahn si Wil Maheia
di geh run owta26 PG fi weh he believe
Yu noh wahn see vines of Audrey
di walk through Bileez27
eena wa Antonio Soberanis t-shirt
She mi di save28 fi di right time
Positive Vibes… Krem, Love & Wave
Noh wahn be so relevant
And nobody wahn kyaa bowt
who di play with who
bikaaz29 Bileezyans wahn di look
fi wa brighta30 day
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live
Yu no wahn si no highlights
pahn di 6:30 news
No picha of Churchians31 di mek noise
Or Fadda32 di throw wa tantrum
Di song noh wahn be written by
Frankie Reneau or Colville Young
Nor sang by Jackie Castillo,
Tremett Perriott or Jenny Lovell
Di revolution noh wahn be stream live
Di revolution noh wahn come
Afta wa commercial bowt
“Si Podemos”, Tony’s Super Store
or wa paid political announcement
Yu noh wahn kyaa33 bowt
who could mek yu rich,
di best phone deals or
weh di next concert wahn deh34
Di revolution noh wahn taste beta3535 Beta = better with stout
Ih noh wahn be bias like
K-TV or Be di Next Supa Star
Di revolution wahn put yu behind di wheels
Di revolution… not stream live
Not stream live, not victimized
Di revolution noh wahn show
Pon channel 7 or 5, Belize
Di revolution wahn be live!

Stay Curious.

1 Yu = you
2 Wahn = will, shall
3 Kyant = can’t
4 Fi = to, for
5 Bowt = about
6 Geh = get
7 Eena = in
8 Kaaz = cause, because
9 Di = the
10 Ih = it, she, he
11 Wa = a
12 Weh = that, where, what
13 Tek weh = take/took away
14 Dehn = their, they
15 Mek = make
16 Tun = turn
17 Paati = party
18 Gi = give
19 Bileezyans = Belizeans
20 Si = see
21 Picha = picture
22 Pahn = pon
23 Beech krooza = beach cruiser = a popular type of bicycle used in Belize
24 Di buss shot = shooting
25 Aata = at, at the
26 Owta = out of
27 Bileez = Belize
28 Mi di save = was saving
29 Bikaaz = because
30 Brighta = brighter
31 Churchians = hypocritical Christians
32 Fadda = Father, Anglican or Catholic
33 Kyaa = care
34 Deh = there, where, be
35 Beta = better

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