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Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist

There’s much on my mind this week, so much so that I feel I cannot put a finger to the keyboard and have my thoughts not jump from one emotion to the next. I am incredibly overwhelmed this week by all that came and continues to pop up on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The surges of rape of children, the commonplace gun violence, the caliber of men and women that government, political parties, and voters allow to sit in those wooden parliamentary chambers, my midterms and this impending ICJ question. Whenever I get like this, though, I have friends that I get to sit with and run these questions and concerns by, and this week I chose to put my thoughts out to thaw at the Liberty Hall with a good friend of mine.

Now, I don’t know much of the Liberty Hall, but I can tell you that what is left of the estate still has amazing historical value, a vibe of resistance that I can still feel even in its physically dilapidated state. I do hope that I can find one someone who can tell me, without bias, what the time of Garveyism in Belize was like. I want to know what impacts were made by the UNIA movement in Belize at the time and what institutions still stand today as a result of these impacts.

The fact still remains that the Liberty Hall on Barrack Road needs SERIOUS attention in its physical state in order to manifest into the breeding ground for culture, black history, and community centricity that it was envisioned to be. Consider this: Maybe that colonial building that fell into disrepair is a symbolism of where we are as people of African descent, whether marooned or freed after emancipation?

I end with a question posed in the final paragraph of the October 6th editorial of the Amandala, “The question is, to repeat: were we betrayed?”

Stay Curious.

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