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National Primary School Track & Field Championships 2019

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. June 13, 2019– The Marion Jones Sports Complex was alive with activity on Friday, June 7, when primary school athletes from across the country converged for the one-day National Primary School Track & Field Championships, being hosted by the National Sports Council. All six districts were represented, and the competition was divided into two age categories for both females (F) and males (M). Below are the various event results in the different categories (district abbreviations:  Stann Creek – SC; Corozal – Czl; Cayo – Cyo; Belize – Bze; Orange Walk – OW; Toledo – TOL):

Infant “A” Female (9-11 yrs)

80m – 1st Issani Valentine (SC) 12:06; 2nd Athiana Ovando (Czl) 12:51; 3rd Tajerah Augustine (SC) 12:60.
1000m – 1st Byanka Castillo (SC) 4:06:73; 2nd Joanna Basto (Czl) 4:10:81; 3rd Valesca Garcia (Cyo) 4:13:38.
Long Jump – 1st Marlin Hernandez (Cyo) 3.31m; 2nd Akeela Bradley (Bze) 3.00m; 3rd Nicole Sosa (OW) 2.84m.
Baseball Throw – 1st Kiara Gentle (Cyo) 27.58m; 2nd Sandra Lyn (Czl) 27.50m; 3rd Jada Noralez (Bze) 26.80.
Shot Put – 1st Kristen Arnold (Cyo) 5.03m; 2nd Celisse Palacio (OW) 5.03m; 3rd Jaeyah Hewlett (Bze) 4.89m.
4 x 50m Relay (F&M) – 1st BELIZE (Dorian Moralez, Dianne Alvarez, Bria Rowland, Lebron Middleton) 33:18; 2nd TOLEDO (Mekhi Gamboa, Aquille Flores, Jerisha Myvette, Ami Faber) 33:39; 3rd CAYO (Ana Funes, Tanya Zacal, James Flowers, Eduardo Blandon) 33:60.

Infant “A” Male (9-11 yrs)

80m – 1st Dorian Morales (Bze) 11:58; 2nd Lebron Middleton (Bze) 11:64; 3rd Aquille Flores (Tol) 11:70.
1200m – 1st Rudy Garden (Cyo) 4:26:95; 2nd Jayven Noralez (Bze) 4:37:63; 3rd Deandre Hynes (SC) 4:38:63.
Long Jump – 1st Deandre Hynes (SC) 3.95m; 2nd Raheem Cassanova (Czl) 3.65m; 3rd Jayven Noralez (Bze) 3.57m.
Baseball Throw – 1st Santos Garden (Cyo) 45.63m; 2nd Luis Aguilar (Cyo) 45.59m; 3rd Cesar Gamboa (Bze) 45.08m.
Shot Put – 1st Euan Wade (SC) 5.73m; 2nd Tristan Coc (Cyo) 5.70m; 3rd Travis Garbutt (Tol) 5.58m.

Junior “C” Female (12-14 yrs)

100m – 1st Adeliesha Cadle (Tol) 15:72; 2nd Isabella Sleeuw (Cyo) 15:88; 3rd Alaine Flores (SC) 15:91.
1200m – 1st Kaylin Monterroso (SC) 4:40:93; 2nd Jahniah Arnold (Cyo) 4:52:03; 3rd Kimberly Arce (Tol) 4:52:50.
Long Jump – 1st Taejah Simpson (Bze) 3.89m; 2nd Shania Garbutt (Tol) 3.67m; 3rd Jada Logan (Bze) 3.55m.
Shot Put (3 kg) – 1st Jaeda Morris (Bze) 7.02m; 2nd Lucia Pacham (Tol) 6.23m; 3rd Mya Spencer (Cyo) 6.15m.
300m – 1st Melissa Ramirez (SC) 47:90; 2nd Jada Logan (Bze) 49:05; 3rd Isabella Sleeuw (Cyo) 50:68.
4 x 100m Relay – 1st BELIZE (Paige Johnson, Jada Logan, Indy Cocom, Akina Alamina) 1:00:24; 2nd TOLEDO (Adeliesha Cadle, Jaynilee Carr, Jaelyn Vasquez, Alana Pandy) 1:02:40; 3rd STANN CREEK (Kaisha Fernandez, Melissa Ramirez, Britney Sabal, Stephanie Requena) 1:03:37.

Junior “C” Male (12-14 yrs)

100m – 1st Glenford Williams (Bze) 12:09; 2nd Josh Crawford (Bze) 12:23; 3rd Kerby Sutherland (Cyo) 12:59.
1200m – 1st Elston Martinez (Cyo) 4:03:69; 2nd Caesar Trejo (SC) 4:08:50; 3rd Adrian Harris (Cyo) 4:10.
Long Jump – 1st Glenford Williams (Bze) 4.93m; 2nd Kerby Sutherland (Cyo) 4.56m; 3rd Jayden Frazer (Czl) 4.55m.
Shot Put (3 kg) – 1st Jordan Flowers (Cyo) 10.22m; 2nd Orson Twist (Cyo) 9.94m; 3rd Abraham Guzman (SC) 9.63m.
300m – 1st Shadir Spencer (Cyo) 43:31; 2nd Omonigho Odiete (Bze) 44:43; 3rd Nevin Cawich (OW) 45:32
4 x 100m Relay – 1st BELIZE (Glenford Williams, Josh Crawford, Alex Croft, Omonigho Odiete) 53.72; 2nd TOLEDO (Jeremy Myvette, Cardinal Audinett, Jaylen Flores, Kelby Armstrong) 55.21; 3rd ORANGE WALK (Jose Henriquez, Alexander Henriquez, Jorge Mai, Anderson Hernandez) 55.65.

District Medal Standing

The table below shows the total medals earned by each district in the National Primary School Track & Field Championships 2019.

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