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National Transportation Services responds to “Bus driver spiteful?”

National Transportation Services Limited
#1 Magazine Road
Belize City, Belize.
May 14, 2008.
The Editor
Amandala Newspaper
Partridge St., Belize City
Dear Editor,
National Transportation Services regrets that the letter writer to your newspaper of an article entitled “Bus Driver Spiteful?” published on Wednesday, May 13, 2008 did not sign his/her name. We wish to categorically state that it is not the policy of our company to be vindictive towards our commuters, and we would have liked to apologize to the letter writer.
We also wish to state, for the record, that there is no company policy that prohibits our buses from picking up commuters using the services of any other bus company.
We have launched an internal investigation to ascertain the facts of the letter writer’s complaint and to get the other side of what happened on Sunday, May 11. As we understand it, the bus belonging to the Belize Bus Owners Cooperative that broke down was on an unauthorized run that evening. Our driver had notified the commuters of this fact.
There is presently a system of monitoring in place that attempts to regulate our departure and arrival time to the various destinations. Our drivers must attempt to reach their destinations within a specified time to allow for their prompt departure from these mid-points, in this case, Belmopan. That may have accounted for the incident that day, but we will not make excuses until we are sure of the facts.
National Transportation Services strives to maintain a reliable fleet of buses at all times. We adhere to our scheduled runs, as enforced by regulators at the various departure points. Our practice is non-discriminatory and we do our best to ensure that late night commuters reach the safety of their homes, sometimes at the risk of reprimand for overloading passengers who desperately need to get home.
The incident of Sunday highlights the fact that several companies hold road service permits, which they cannot reliably service, and that very few, if any, have a contingency plan like ours, for that type of eventuality.
We call on the regulators of the industry to implement the same stringent measures imposed on us, on all companies who hold road service permits. Sunday’s incident is regrettable and we wish to assure all commuters that we will continue to work hard to serve them as best we can.
Yours Truly
David Novelo
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