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New Lions Club president for Belize City

BELIZE CITY, Sun. July 12, 2020– Dr. Sol Yam, of Belize City, who is presently the assistant headmaster of St John’s College, has become the 47th president of the Belize City Lions Club. She was named as the new president yesterday evening at the Lions Club building next to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital compound in Belize City.

A new board of managers was also elected to work with her in support of her mission to further advance the objectives of the Lions Club.

Yam said she aims to impact the lives of members of the community by addressing five key areas of concern: diabetes treatment/prevention, education, the environment, vision/eyesight and hunger. She and her organization will partner with other organizations to bring about changes and improvements in the lives of people in these areas.

The board of managers which will support her consists of Dr. Alain Gonzalez, 1st Vice President; Ryan Daly, 2nd Vice President; Dr. Amin Hagar, 3rd Vice President; Yolanda Fonseca, M.B.E., Executive Secretary; Effie Ferrera, Treasurer; Dr. Gian Espadas, Membership Chairperson; Gaby Ake, Service Chairperson; Salim Hoy, Marketing Chairperson; and Lions Club International Coordinator, Otilia Ake.

The head of the Vision Unit is Teresita Loria; the head of the Diabetes Unit is Dr. Alain Gonzalez; and the head of the Hunger Department is Effie Ferrera. Alberto Herrera is the head of the Environment Unit, while Dr. Bertha Gonzalez heads the Childhood Cancer Unit.
Dr. Yam said that the team is well-seasoned in their portfolios; they are dedicated, and much will be done.

In taking up the position as president, Dr. Yam was emotional, saying that it is a tough time to be a leader, but she had prayed and is now ready for the challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the city and many do not have jobs and many will need assistance, but where there is a need, there is a Lion, she said.

“The Lions’ Motto, ‘We Serve’, is our guidance and motivation. Instead of waiting for Government to make the country a better place, why not reach out to serve our city to make it a better place?” Dr. Yam remarked.

The new Lions Club president said that she will work on educational projects for the benefit of children, and she also noted that an investment in education will result in betterment for the country because the children will grow up to be law-abiding citizens, and they will, in turn, contribute to the development of the country.

The event was well attended by Lions Club members and their guests.

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