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Nominations for the Belize Public Service Awards now open

SourceDayne Guy

BELMOPAN, Mon. Feb. 15, 2021– The Ministry of the Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform calls for nominations for the 2021 Belize Public Service Outstanding Honours and Awards. This program is geared at identifying individuals or teams within the public service who have performed with excellence and consistency and have spent countless hours improving the public sector.

There are eight notable awards that will be presented. These include the Governor-General (G.G.) Legacy Award, which is one of the most distinguished awards, and is presented only once during a public officer’s career. This award is presented to a senior level public officer in management, who is considered a pioneer in the service and has advocated and contributed significantly to the public. Another of the eight awards is the Prime Minister Leadership Award, which honors a prominent leader, regardless of their organizational role. The recipient of this honor must embody vision, strategy, charisma and inspiration. The Distinguished Public Service Award, on the other hand, is given to an individual who has worked in the public sector for over 15 years with a proven track record, marked with distinction and accomplishments.

There are also the Award of Innovation, which acknowledges individuals or a team of officers who have gone beyond the status quo, in improving the current norms through creativity and innovation, and the Excellence in Customer-focused Service Delivery Award, which is given to an officer or group of officers, who have excelled in customer service, exceeding the boundaries of traditional service.

The other three awards are the Outstanding Rookie Award, which recognizes a public sector newcomer who displays the qualities of a promising leader; the Outstanding Achiever Award, which acknowledges an individual or team whose achievements inspire others to be exceptional, and the Heroic Act Award, which recognizes an individual or a team that acts in times of great risk, defending national interest and maintaining peace in the society.

The Ministry calls for participation in its efforts to pay tribute to the contributions and accomplishments of these exemplary and outstanding public officers, and it urges the public to visit the Ministry of Public Service’s web page and review the nominator guidelines and eligibility requirements.

The deadline for the nominations is March 31, 2021. All nominations must have a completed nomination form and two letters of endorsement. Self-nomination is not permitted, as these awards and honors are peer-recognized.

“Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of the Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform, and CEO Dr. Osmond Martinez, take pride in championing the important role of recognizing and showing appreciation to public officers for their outstanding service to the Government and people of Belize,” the Ministry states in its press release.

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