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I want to go into a crowded restaurant, full of people, eating and drinking and having conversations, totally relaxed. I want to be able to go into a bar, at 1:00 in the morning, listen to music, dance, with the crowd so thick I can hardly move. I want to go to a concert, or a play, or a game, with people all around me, unhindered by restrictions. I want to meet people I know, on the street, shake hands with them, or a hug — whatever the relationship is. These were things that were normal, months ago, 18 or so months ago. I want to be normal again, I want things to be normal again.

Who would’ve believed, a year and a half ago, that we would go back to the 14th century, or to 1918? That in the 21st century we would be in a worse situation than they were? Back then, in medieval times, and in many ways, even in the early 1900s, superstition and ignorance were the zeitgeist of the day. Medicine, education, and technology were non-existent, and if there were any, were for the chosen few only. All that said, even in those dark days, mans’s need to survive made them creative in ways that make us seem foolish today. They wore masks, isolated themselves and weathered the storm of the Black Plague, bubonic plague, influenza, and came out of it stronger, more resolute, and built up an immunity to viruses of the future. A Cambridge University study some years ago discovered that the descendants of survivors of the plague way back then, were immune to viruses like HIV! They were fighters, they wanted to live, even under the most miserable conditions — kings and nobles and serfs, they wanted to live. They wanted to survive, and did what was necessary, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Today, in 2021, we have tourists going into space, our phones are mini computers with any information we might need, at the click of a button! Technological advancements, medicine, energy, travel, everything is on steroids. Another thing we posses is the cure for our current plague! We have the cure, we have the cure and yet we are can’t seem to get a handle on getting rid of it, of going back to normal. Why? Because we have superstitious, ignorant, religious and political zealots who seem to want more people to die, for more economies to crash, for more disinformation to be digested by unwashed masses. When I see some idiot lying on a bed in the hospital, gasping for his/her last breath, whimpering about how they should’ve gotten vaccinated, I don’t feel pity for them, I feel an uncontrollable urge to just go rip those tubes out of their throats. These anti-vaxxers are the most selfish, cruel, unfeeling animals there are, and they’re killing us! What a**holes!

So how do we get back to normal? How do we start living lives that are worthwhile, not merely surviving, being depressed, isolated, and watching our children pay the price for the inaction of these selfish pricks? We mandate that everyone should be vaccinated, that companies and businesses ensure that their employees and customers are vaccinated, or else they can’t work or shop or travel or eat or dance, or mingle, with normal people, the vaccinated! They will say that they have rights. F*#@ their rights! They are infringing on our rights, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! They are affecting and denying an end to this virus through their intransigence and stupidity! We have to make it as difficult as can be for them to function in society, make them pariahs, until they relent and conform to what is best for all us! Then, and only then, can we start being normal again!


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