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One son-in-law kills the other while under the influence of alcohol

HeadlineOne son-in-law kills the other while under the influence of alcohol

Photo: Levan Aldana, deceased

by Charles Gladden

BISCAYNE, Belize District, Thurs. Feb. 1, 2024

Death has knocked on the front door of a family in Biscayne Village, Belize District, as their loved one, 19-year-old Levan Aldana, a fisherman of Belize City, was brutally stabbed to death last night, Wednesday, January 31, reportedly while socializing with a male individual whom he knew.

Information to Amandala indicated that sometime after 7:00 p.m., Aldana left the home of his female partner in the village, located at Mile 26 3/4 on the Philip Goldson Highway, along with the man.

A little over an hour later, he returned to the residence with injuries to his abdomen, neck and arm. Reports are that Aldana began to lose consciousness at the residence due to the large amount of blood he was losing. When police arrived at the home, they saw a severely injured Aldana, and while he was en route to the hospital, shortly after passing Eruptions Nightclub in Ladyville, he passed away.

According to Delvorine Dominquez, the (unofficial) mother-in-law of both Aldana and the suspected culprit, Aldana was socializing at her residence with the culprit consuming alcohol earlier that night around 7:00 o’clock, and the two then went for a walk allegedly to a nearby pig farm in the area. A little over an hour later, a loud knocking was heard on their door, and when it was opened, one of Dominguez’s daughters screamed on seeing the severely injured Aldana.

“When I come out, I mi open di door and he seh, ‘Miss Delvo close di f^&*ing door cah ih wa cohn kill mi’, and I closed di door,” Dominguez said in Kriol. She further mentioned, “My daata di videocall ih ma and hais up ih shirt; ih whole intestine deh out. We ask ahn who do it to ahn, and ih neva waahn seh. My daata tell ahn, ‘Dead man carries no tale, so yo need fu gi we ih name,’ and da soh ih give ih name.”

When Amandala asked Dominguez, what would be a possible motive for the culprit to do such a thing, she emotionally said, “Dat da di ting; nothing trigga it.”

The suspect and the deceased did not know one another until they became involved in common-law relationships with Dominguez’s daughters.

While the deceased Aldana has only been in Dominguez’s life for close to two years, she explained that he was nice and loving to her. Meanwhile, she said the culprit becomes violent when he consumes alcohol.

“Two ah them da mi son-in-law, that’s why ih hurt; because three ah mi grandkids wahn deh without a father. One gweyn da jail, and di next one [dead]; so, what can I say? They were drinking last night, but not to the extent of getting drunk, because it was only wine. Wine caahn drunk nobody. I drink a whole quart ah liquor, and I no geh drunk,” she said.

In the wake of this brutal murder, social media users have made their own assumptions about who did it. One speculation out there is claiming that the partner of the culprit is the one who orchestrated the attack; however, Dominguez dispelled those rumors. “I just nuh waahn nobody blame mi daata and seh mi daata set it up, because right now mi daata very traumatized and they got it pahn Facebook. My daata would never set up nobody fu kill Levan, especially ih breda-in-law,” she emotionally expressed.

And while Dominguez did not disclose the culprit’s name to Amandala, police have made progress in the case — they have detained the suspect in connection with the murder. As of print time, no charges have been levied.

Aldana leaves behind a 7-month-old daughter.

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