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Our own Football Hall of Fame

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 6, 2020– The Football Federation of Belize (FFB), under Technical Director Philip Marin, with assistance from Georgia Football Technical Director Jacob Daniel, is presently promoting the concept of a “National Football Style” for Belize; and while we are not sure what the final product will look like, their project description for football development across the country is refreshing and encouraging, as it emphases the fundamental skills and knowledge of team play with an attacking (4-3-3) approach that matches with the culture and traditional “style” of football that drew fans to the stadiums in bygone days.

We will discuss our football “style” some more at a later date (see FFB release elsewhere in this issue), but right now we want to begin discussing the idea of our long awaited Belize Football Hall of Fame. Until the FFB makes the move officially, we may be tempted to venture into our own Amandala Football Hall of Fame. But first, we have to reflect on what we would expect and look forward to in that Football Hall of Fame.

What really is a “Hall of Fame”? What criteria would a player have to meet in order to be considered worthy to be inducted into our Football Hall of Fame? Whatever his position, be it goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or forward, would the player not be expected to possess great skill in the game, even if not a complete master of all aspects of the sport? Of course! Would the person be one that other players respect and regard as one to be honored and praised for his performances on the field? Of course! Would he be one that fans would look forward to seeing in action, and indeed, would be so well known for his ability and performance, that many fans would be attracted to the ball park, and willing to pay their money, just to see him play? Indeed! Would he be well-known in football circles, by friend and foe, and in his own way be considered “famous” or a star in Belize football? Agreed! If you were tasked with picking a national team in that time of Belize football, would you be eager to select that player to form a part of your selection? Whatever his shortcomings, do you look upon this player as one that made such a mark upon our Belize football stage in a positive way, that our football culture would not be the same without him? Do you recall some great moment, or highlight of a game that you saw, or that was captured for you and reported by others, such that the thrill of his performance enriched your football world with the joy of the “beautiful game”? Why not! We could go on. It’s all of the above, and then some. There is no one blue-print for this selection; everything counts. We are free to make up our own criteria, because it is OUR football. But one thing is certain, among the many players that participated in our football competitions, some for only a few years, others for a decade or more at the highest level, there will always be subjective judgements about who were alright, who were good, who were very good, and who were among the best of the best.

The idea of a Hall of Fame is to give honor and show our appreciation to our stars, for the joy they gave us as fans during their time of performance on the field, and thus inspire our young players to strive for greatness in the sport.

At some point, either ourselves or the FFB will have to ask a group of knowledgeable fans or past players to act as our eyes and ears to cast their votes for the ones whom they would choose to be inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. We’re getting close; but we are not at that point yet.

First, we will list the names of all the players we have been able to gather so far for the first period – the late 1950s to Mid-1960s. You are free to send us any others we might have missed.

To spur the thoughts of those out there, at home or abroad, who may become part of our panel to select inductees, we venture to list a past Belize selections in the early 1960s period. As we envision the process, we would have to eventually induct a group of players from each period, first from the 60s; then from the 70s; then the 80s; the 90s; etc. We would throw out the idea here and now, that we would propose a selection of 22 players for each period – a first 11 and a second 11. Remember, we are talking about a period of a decade of Belize football. What do you think?

The following 1962 Belize Football Selection is taken from a “Souvenir Programme issued by the Belize Cricket Association” for the visit of the “St. George’s College Old Boys Association of Kingston, Jamaica to British Honduras” to play cricket and football games from “5th to 19th September, 1962.” While we do not have the results of those games, there is a list of 23 football players which comprised the Belize (then British Honduras) Selection. Only first name initials were given along with the team they came from, but we think we can guess the full first names of some which we place in brackets.

These were: G. (Gilbert “Pudd’n”) Hyde – Diamond A; J. (John) Young – Dunlop; A. (Anselm “Drake”) Williams – Dunlop; A. Bent – B.E.C.; C. Neal – San Luis; G. (Gilbert “Pine”) Hernandez – B.E.C.; K. (Keith) Gardiner – Landivar; E. Gill – Landivar; J. (John) Staine – Princess Royal Youth; R. (Randolph “Tiempo”) Barrow – Dunlop; S. Flores – Police; A. (Angus) Vernon – Landivar; E. (Everett) Staine – B.E.C.; G. (Gilly) Dunn – Dunlop; R. Rosado – B.E.C.; L. (Louis “Mugger”) Garbutt – Dunlop; G. (Gilbert “Chico”) Ellis – B.E.C.; E. (Ernest “Reds”) Wilson – B.E.C.; F. (Frankie) Clarke – B.E.C.; D. (Denton “Sharkey”) Fairweather – B.E.C.; N. (Nelson “The Roo”) Robinson – Dunlop; W. (Wellington) Labriel – Dunlop; N. Gill (Police).

Interestingly, two of the above players on the 1962 Belize football selection also appeared on the list for the Belize cricket selection. Those were A. (Angus) Vernon and G. (Gilbert “Chico”) Ellis.

Below are the names of players we have mentioned so far as playing 1st Division/Senior football in the first period, Late-1950s to Mid-1960s:

Late-1950s to Mid-1960s
Alwin “The Stump” Smith
Angus “Mr. Ball” Vernon
Anselm “Drake” Williams
Archibald Cubas
Ashton Molino
Bernard Aguet
Bert Cattouse
Brannon brothers (Dennis and Edmund)
Butty Moody
Charles “Jim Baxter” Bennet
Charles “Qualify” Nicholas
Charlie Gardiner
Claude “Razor” Robinson
Conrad “Attila” Vaughn
Dougie Joseph
Earl “Jenna” Gentle
Egbert “Ham” Engleton
Ernest “Reds” Wilson
Everett Staine
Frank Hoare
Frankie Clarke
Fred Gill
Gilbert “Chico” Ellis
Gilbert “Gilly” Dunn
Gilbert “Pine” Hernandez
Gilbert “Pudd’n” Hyde
Herman Leslie
Ivan “Tubuk” Martinez
Jerry Cassanova
Jim Murphy
John “Shamba” Dominguez
John Staine
John Young
Johnny “Pegga”
Keith Gardiner
Kent Marsden
Lionel “Pops” Hamilton
Louis “Mugger” Garbutt
Malcolm “Buddha” Hemmans
Nelson “Roo” Robinson
Orvin “Ginger” Garcia
Peter Alvarez
Phillip Flowers (Mr. B.H.)
Randolf “Tiempo” Barrow
Reuben “Cha Cha” Crawford
Rodwell “Roddy” Leslie
Roy Reid
Rudolph “Pas” Ellis
Russell “Bullet Bob” Saldano
Walter Bradley
Wellington Labriel
Wilfred “Palma” Davis
Winston Michael

As an exercise, you may send us your picks for Hall of Fame members from the above list, or any other player not mentioned, for the period Late-1950s to Mid-1960s. Our email addresses, [email protected] or [email protected] ; or you can text me your picks at phone 607-8616.

We are still seeking the name of “Negro” Hall from the 1970s, and the MVP of the 1960-61 season.

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