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Part 5 of Buen Abad’s analysis of AMLO’s speech

Here is the fifth part of the analysis of a speech given by the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, on July 24, 2021 that was posted on Youtube by RompevientoTV. The analysis was given by Fernando Buen Abad, who holds a doctorate in Philosophy and Communicational Philosophy, during an interview conducted by Ernesto Ledesma and Alberto Nájar.

Alberto Nájar: Yes, and look, I have told you, this part, many people have been reading. Hernesto says, “How is it that he answered Biden like that and with Trump he was more docile?” Everyone can interpret it however they want. For me it is not just a question of who the president is but the time the president has. As for a while, you were commenting precisely at the moment when he gave the speech, and what the president is perceiving as the president of a country that dares to approach him in such a manner and for a while what you said, was sorry for your disorderly response, Well, how will it be if the question was messy but there are several elements there that he suddenly tried to place in some way that I don’t know if I was clear — sorry, Fernando.

Fernando Buen Abad: No but, the same thing you just said, it must be said of Biden — neither of the two comes flying in the arms of an immaculate Pegasus. This man also has a tremendous conflict inside him and I want to know how many decisions he is making regarding Cuba today, because he is being urged to keep all the worms in Miami happy, for example. And that the price at this time is signifying the emergence of a speech that the guy from below did not have the agenda and that now he is obliged to do so because it is also necessary to see in what conditions he reached the presidency and then where those axes of power that today are signifying, the need for legitimization at the national level and with the different internal groups.

And, we already know that there are three clear mandates that are constant. We already know that the North American war industry is the one that sets the government’s orders in 80% of the decisions, and we already know that there is the other global financial industry that is also setting the agenda, setting the tone, and then there is the other media agenda that it is not less and it is not another pressure that is a field day and Biden himself seems to me that he is feeling the heat of all these fires that reach him simultaneously, and then I think that one of his forms of political vindication is to hit Latin America hard and revive, as they have done historically, the ghost of communism and all that that they serve to invent this enemy, then, do a few maneuvers at the rostrum that seem to be fighting for a bond, to maintain the preeminence of the United States as the pinnacle of world power.

Among other tensions and pressures to be seen, we could read it in code, for example, of how the stock markets behave now and that will give you an indicator of how happy the boys are with what the president is saying. We could do the same reading in, for example, investment projects now, and we could do the same reading if we read, for example, the project of the North American war industry itself, which aims to be 25 points in the next 10 years in terms of economic wealth, which is a brutal threat to the planet. And all this now thinks in terms of a situation like the one that exists today in Latin America with processes such as the Chilean one. Think about it standing up. Imagine, at this moment, standing in a public square in Chile where a new constitution is being discussed that is already being published to the entire Pinochet heritage. Let’s see how we are going to process such a thing that at this moment they cannot handle it and that they have left. Leaderships have been born there that you can no longer delegitimize so easily and that you have a problem because you wanted to keep the lithium also from Chile and because it is copper and because there are Chilean natural resources that are still in dispute.

(To Be Continued)
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September 12, 2021
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